CROBOTS is a programming game inspired by RobotWar and released as Shareware by Tom Poindexter in December 1985.

The object of CROBOTS is to write a program to control the movement, scanner and cannon of a battle robot using a subset of C.

A battle takes place between up to four robots, which need to eliminate all opponents to be declared winner.


The latest version of CROBOTS is available from Maurizio Camangi's download page.

CROBOTS v1.1 (50K) is Tom Poindexter's original release of CROBOTS.

Controller for CROBOTS v1.0 (13K) by E. Colombini is used to alter the speed of CROBOTS.


The CROBOTS User Manual covers the features of the C compiler and function library.


Maurizio Camangi's CROBOTS page has the warriors and results from past tournaments and also hosts a King of the Hill tournament.


CRobots64 v1.4 (341K) by Marco Zora is a Windows clone. Requires the Zeta C++ Compiler (277K).

Crobots32 v1.12 (116K) by Mikhail Verkhovski is a clone which works with a standard C compiler.