DROID: A Robot-War Simulation

DROID is a game written in 1984 by Robert Yazhari, Joshua Kors and Craig Fransen at Reichhold Chemicals. The game was inspired by RobotWar.

The aim of DROID is to write a program in D-code to control the movement, radar and weapon systems of a battle robot. Up to seven robots battle simultaneously to eliminate all opponents.

D-Code Overview

D-code is a stack based programming language that provides instructions to manipulate the stack, perform simple maths and transfer control. DROID has 24 general purpose user registers and 10 system registers:

A - W, ZGeneral purpose user registers.
DAMAGEReturns the current damage. Starts at 100.
RADARAngle of the radar, 0 to 3599. Returns the distance to anything discovered.
RANDOMReturns a random number between 0 and the upper limit.
SHOTDistance to aim the gun. Returns the amount of damage inflicted.
SPEEDXHorizontal speed of the robot, -10000 to 10000.
SPEEDYVertical speed of the robot, -10000 to 10000.
TURRETAngle of the gun, 0 to 3599. Returns the temperature of the gun.
WIDTHWidth of the radar beam.
XReturns the current horizontal position.
YReturns the current vertical position.

See the DROID User Manual for full details of D-code.


The Droid Operating System is written in SPL for the HP 3000 series of computers.

Published Robots

Bottom, Clint, Gun45, Mover, Scanner.