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El Kauka has created the Corewar Web Comics.

Scott Manley has compiled the beginner/advanced warrior ratings and has published a selection of warriors on his site. [archived locally]

FatalC claimed third place in CWSET 2005 and has been successful on a number of hills. Some of FatalC's code is published here.

Mizcu's page has an article about the development of one of his successful warriors, Monowire's Story - The tale of a beginners warrior.

Philip Thorne presents his published warriors in an interesting manner, and also has an analysis of stones.

Kevin Brunelle took part in Ilmari's Mini Tournament #2. [archived locally]

Unsorted Links

The Corewar Info Page is home to the Corewar Lexicon.

Planar's page contains the warrior archives, newsletter archives, and Mount Olympus. [no longer updated]

[German] Jens Gutzeit's page specialises in quickscanners, score surfaces and the history of the hills. Also available in English.

Joonas Pihlaja's page is where you will find Exhaust - a lightweight simulator, and Self Organising Maps of the Koenigstuhl infinite hills.

Philip Kendall's page

Phil Knight

Graeme McRae's page

Sapan Bhatia's page

ICC 2006 - the cancelled summer 2006 meeting, which was to be held in Holland.

The FTP archives.