P-Robots: Pascal Robots

P-Robots is a Pascal programming game inspired by CROBOTS and released in 1988 by David Malmberg.

The object of the game is to write a program in a Pascal subset to control the movement, scanner, shield and weapon systems of a battle robot.

Up to four robots take part in a mêlée battle with the survivor being declared winner.


P-Robots Stout/r13 (504K) is a port of P-Robots 4.0 to Free Pascal by Marco Borsari. The distribution include two new utilities, Coach and Club. Coach is a robot optimiser and Club is a scheduler.

P-Robots 4.0 (350K) was released as freeware in 1994 and includes source code in Turbo Pascal. Also includes BJ Gleason's RRR scheduler.

P-Robots 3.1 (291K) is an update to the classic P-Robots published in 1993. New features include an IDE, teams, obstacles and a variety of robot configurations.

P-Robots (73K) is the original P-Robots.


The User Manual for P-Robots 4.0 has a reference to the language used by P-Robots, including the latest additions and features.

The Original P-Robots Documentation describes the language used by the first version of P-Robots.


[Italian] Marco Borsari has ported P-Robots to Free Pascal. The distribution include two new utilities, a robot optimiser and scheduler.

[Italian] A P-Robots tournament was organised for the Computer Science students at the University of Naples Federico II. Here are the tournament results.

[Italian] The I.T.I.S. Albert Einstein held a P-Robots tournament.

[German] Peer Frings posted a brief description of P-Robots.

Michael Kyritsis has written about the background of P-Robots.

Danny, Brett, Mark and Byron issued a Challenge to the World to battle them at P-Robots.