RobotWar: the Battlefield of the Future

RobotWar is a programming game written by Silas Warner for the PLATO computer system. The original 70's game was ported to the Apple II and published by MUSE Software in 1981. Regular tournaments were held and RobotWar spawned it's own society, the Postal RobotWar Club of America.

The aim of the game is to write a computer program to control the movement, radar and weapon system of a battle robot. Up to five robots are placed in an arena to destroy each other. The survivor is declared winner.


The RobotWar manual has a step by step guide to the language of robots.

The Key Summary and Programming Instructions contains a brief description of the controls and language.


The First Computer Gaming World RobotWar Tournament was held in 1982. Norden+ claimed first prize for Richard A. Fowell, who won the RobotWar trophy and a RobotWar t-shirt.

In 1983 CGW held their second RobotWar Tournament. 12 robots entered, with Dragon by Doug Hogg taking first place. Second place went to Corner by David A. Jones, with Hot Rod and Norden B tied for third.

The Third Annual CGW RobotWar Tournament received 17 entries. Dragon4A by Doug Hogg and Mustang by Stanley Chen shared first place, winning their creators $50 and a RobotWar trophy.

12 robots entered the Fourth Annual CGW RobotWar Tournament. Newman Lowe claimed first place with his robot Nobody, winning the RobotWar trophy.

Published Robots

Bolo, Bottom, Bug, Dragon, Echo, G.I.Joe, Gnat, Killer, Lemuel, Mover, Norden+, Omar, Random, Robby, Sample, Scanner, Spiro, Tojo, Walter, Yeah

MUSE Software: RobotWar RobotWar by Silas Warner