They will gather intelligence, lay false trails and strike at their opponents suddenly and with determination.”

Dewdney, A. K. Scientific American January 1987.

A scanner looks for the opponent and hits hard, first stunning with a SPL attack then switching to a deadly DAT attack. Modern scanners are often large and fragile, scoring well against paper but losing to stones.

Blur Scanner

A Blur scanner has a continuous SPL wipe and a scan in the same loop. The scan directs the wipe to anything found. After the main attack the scanner either falls through to a core-clear or alternatively switches to a DAT wipe. The first Blur scanner was created by Anton Marsden in January 1996.

        step   equ 1936
        gap    equ 6

clrptr  dat    0,          0
        dat    0,          0

scan    seq    step+gap,   step
        mov    scan,       clrptr
        add    inc,        scan
        mov    inc,        >clrptr
        jmn    scan,       scan

inc     spl    #step,      step
clear   mov    bomb,       >clrptr
        djn.f  clear,      >clrptr
bomb    dat    <1,         3-clrptr