Alladin's Cave is a p-switcher with 4 components which entered the Pizza 94 draft hill in November 1997 and survived 30+ challenges before being pushed off in April 1998. Alladin's Cave was published in Core Warrior issue 66.

;name Alladin's Cave
;author P.Kline
;assert CORESIZE == 8000
;strategy pswitch stone, CLP, one-shot dclear, and one-shot spl/dat wiper

slStone   mov    <btStone ,{btStone
          mov    <btStone ,{btStone
          mov    <btStone ,{btStone
btStone   jmp    -300     ,4
sStep     equ    4954
Stone     mov    {1601    ,1-sStep         ; dat-bomb about 90% of core
          sub.x  #sStep   ,-1
          jmp    -2       ,}-2
      for 4
          dat 0,0
clBoot    equ    (2800)
slClear   mov    clGate     ,clGate+clBoot ;clear and sweep share
          mov    btClear    ,btSweep
slSweep   mov    <btSweep   ,{btSweep
          mov    <btSweep   ,{btSweep
          mov    <btSweep   ,{btSweep
          mov    <btSweep   ,{btSweep
          djn    -3         ,#3
btSweep   jmp    Sweep+10+5600,Sweep+10
clGate    dat    0,clBomb
btClear   jmp    Clear+10-btSweep+clBoot ,Clear+10-btSweep

Clear     spl    clSpl+1
          add    #6667  ,clGate           ;one-shot scan
          jmz.f  -1     ,@clGate          ;with dclear

clSpl     spl    #4000  ,{clGate
          mov    clBomb ,>clGate
          djn.f  -1     ,>clGate
          jmp    -3
          dat    {5335,12
clBomb    dat    {5335,12
          dat    0,0

Sweep     add    #2671   ,#2681           ;one-shot scan
          jmz.f  Sweep   ,@Sweep          ;with spl-dat wipe
          jmp    @6      ,<Sweep
          dat    #-100   ,{swWipe+7-Sweep
          dat    #-100   ,{swWipe+7-Sweep
swWipe    spl    #5900   ,{swWipe+7-Sweep
          mov    @2      ,>Sweep
          mov    @1      ,>Sweep
          djn.b  -2      ,{swWipe
          jmp    swWipe  ,swWipe

STATES EQU (loss_table-win_table)
      dat    0,init_table-state
in    dat    0,loss_table-state
      dat    0,win_table-state
      dat    0,tie_table-state

think ldp.a  #0,in              ; get input value
load  ldp.a  #PSTATE,state      ; load old state
      mod.a  #STATES,state      ; brainwash protection *in,state          ; select correct state table
store stp.a  *state,load        ; store new state
      mov    0,-1               ; eliminate accidental stp's

                                 ; p-table managing four options plus bw
                                 ; note that any number of brainwash vals
                                 ; could be put in between valid values
                                 ; loss-table is designed to speed up
                                 ; search for best routine by skipping
                                 ; one or more trials of each program
w0 EQU slClear
w1 EQU slSweep
w2 EQU slStone
w3 EQU slDodger

state jmp    @0        ,w1

      spl    #wx0-win_table,w0   ; Brainwash  (zero should not happen!)
ww1   spl    #ww1-win_table,w1   ; Sweep
wx1   spl    #ww1-win_table,w1
      spl    #ww1-win_table,w1
ww0   spl    #ww0-win_table,w0   ; Clear
wx0   spl    #ww0-win_table,w0
      spl    #ww0-win_table,w0
ww2   spl    #ww2-win_table,w2   ; Stone
      spl    #ww2-win_table,w2
      spl    #ww2-win_table,w2
ww3   spl    #ww3-win_table,w3   ; Dodger
      spl    #ww3-win_table,w3
      spl    #ww3-win_table,w3
      spl    #wx0-win_table ,w0  ; Brainwash
      spl    #1-loss_table  ,w1  ; Sweep
      spl    #1-loss_table  ,w1
      spl    #2-loss_table  ,w0
      spl    #1-loss_table  ,w0  ; Clear
      spl    #1-loss_table  ,w0
      spl    #3-loss_table  ,w2
      spl    #1-loss_table  ,w2  ; Stone
      spl    #1-loss_table  ,w2
      spl    #wx1-win_table ,w1
      spl    #1-loss_table  ,w3  ; Dodger (never selected after first trial)
      spl    #1-loss_table  ,w3
      spl    #wx1-win_table ,w1

slDodger  mov    <btDodger,{btDodger
          mov    <btDodger,{btDodger
          mov    <btDodger,{btDodger
          djn    -3,#6
btDodger  jmp    pescape+300,pescape+1
                                    ; code from "Curious Little Program"
                                    ; after "Cowboy"
pescape   equ    (pb+1)
plen      equ    (pescape-p1)
pstep     equ    (5093)
p1        mov    pb       ,@pfence  ; build fences
          mov    pb       ,*pfence
ploop     add    pincr    ,psnare   ; snare opponent
          mov    psnare   ,@psnare
pfence    sne    pb-56    ,pb+26    ; monitor fences
          djn.f  ploop    ,>p1-pstep
pmove     add    preset   ,psnare   ; adjust snare for new base
          mov    pb       ,pescape  ; set copy pointers
pcopy     mov    >pescape ,}pescape ; make copy
          jmn.b  -1       ,pescape  ;
preset    jmp    p1+pstep ,-p1-pstep; jump to new location
psnare    jmp    ptrap-2000,+2000
ptrap     mod.x  #10      ,#1       ; allow only one process
          stp.ab #0       ,#0       ; complete brainwash
          djn.b  -1       ,-1
pincr     mov    1        ,-1       ; opponent dies
pb        dat    pstep+p1-pescape,-plen

          end think