The purpose of the Core War Archive is to provide a mirror of websites which have either closed or are in danger of disappearing. Particular attention is paid to preserving important documents, software and sites of historic interest.


[Polish] PZPR is the home of Lukasz Adamowski's Polish hills, Arena Pojedynków (round robin) and Arena Bitewna (multi-warrior).

[German] Sascha Zapf is the author of the Handbuch für Einsteiger.

Lukasz Grabun has written the first two chapters of the Book of stones.

Martin Ankerl is the author of Exhaust-ma, exMARS, QMars and Yace.

Beppe Bezzi organised Beppe's Corewar Tournament.

[Hungarian] Csaba Biró has a Corewar tutorial in Hungarian.

Jason Boer is the author of ga_war.c.

Kevin Brunelle describes taking part in Ilmari's Mini Tournament 2.

Ryan Coleman wrote Learning By Simulating Evolution Using Corewars.

Datagram organised the Corewar Spring Tournament.

El Kauka hosted the absolute beginner hill.

[German] Alexander Groß wrote a short description of Corewar.

[German] Jens Gutzeit's page specialises in quickscanners, score surfaces and the history of the hills. Also available in English.

[German] Jörg Hakenberg describes a pre-standard variant of Corewar.

Brian Haskin is the author of jMARS.

Dave Hillis is the author of RedRace.

Michał Janeczek is the author of fmars.

Phil Knight is the author of TestWarrior and Corewar Tournament.

[Hungarian] Egmont Koblinger wrote a Core War simulator for the ZX Spectrum.

John K. Lewis wrote Core Wars for Dummies.

Leif Lindgren is the author of a Corewar emulator in LISP.

Scott Manley wrote the Quick Guide to Core War and published the warrior benchmark scores.

W. Mintardjo wrote an Intro to Art in '88.

Mizcu's page has an article about the development of one of his successful warriors, Monowire's Story - The tale of a beginners warrior.

Nándor and Stefan organised Nandor and Stefan's Fall Core War Tournament.

Ian Oversby organised The Oversby Autumn 1998 Corewar Tournament.

Loren Roosendaal submitted the paper Assimilated evolution: defeating new strategies by exploiting their predecessors to the 19th Belgium-Netherlands Artificial Intelligence Conference in 2007.

[French] Hugues Salamin has a page of Corewar links.

[German] Andreas Schamanek wrote a short introduction to Corewar.

Koen Struyve organised the Corewars Beginner's League.

Nenad Tomašev organised the “Down The Core And More” tournament.

Linus Thorsell worked on a project to evolve warriors. His results are recorded in Evolving Warriors.

Will ‘Varfar’ explains how he developed entries for Neo's challenge #3 and the Multi-Maniacs tournament.

L. Vogtmann converted A. K. Dewdney's articles to HTML.

[Polish] Adam Ryba describes the history of Core War in Poland.

Martin Pedersen hosted an archive for the corewar genetic algorithms mailing list.

Barkley Vowk is the author of the CCAI distributed evolver, which successfully produced the first evolved warriors to enter the '94nop hill.


Ilmari Karonen wrote The beginners' guide to Redcode and also organised IMT1 and IMT2.

Stuart Rosenberg experimented with a Core War Betting Hill.

[Polish] Wojny Rdzeniowe by Andrzej Stasiewicz.


Marco Zora

Mikhail Verkhovski

OMEGA Archive

Omega Game Shrine by Jess Bowers

Omega page by Lincoln Yeoh

OMEGA - OSI Southeastern Division by Forest L Burns

Omega Page by Timothy J Massey

OMEGA - OSI British Division by Robert Wilderspin

What is Omega? * TO BE DONE *

P-Robots Archive

Marco Borsari has ported P-Robots to Free Pascal. The distribution include two new utilities, a robot optimiser and scheduler.

A P-Robots tournament was organised for the Computer Science students at the University of Naples Federico II. Here are the tournament results.

The I.T.I.S. Albert Einstein held a P-Robots tournament.

Peer Frings posted a brief description of P-Robots.

Michael Kyritsis has written about the background of P-Robots.

Danny, Brett, Mark and Byron issued a Challenge to the World to battle them at P-Robots.