ARobots is a programming game created by Anders Danielsson and released in 1992. The aim of the game is to write a program in 8086 assembly language to control a battle robot. Up to six robots enter a battle arena with the survivor declared winner.


Programs are written in 8086 assembly language and control the robot by calling seven functions available on INT 0F2h:

00Return the current x- and y-coordinates in BX, CX
01Return damage sustained in AX and timer in CX:BX
02Return speed in BX and direction in CX
03Set speed to BX (0..100) and direction to CX (0..359)
04Scan at CX degrees with BX resolution (0..10), return range in AX
05Fire missile at CX degrees with BX range
06Return a random number in AX

Robots battle in a 1000×1000 metre arena. A robot is damaged when it's attacked or collides with something and destroyed when its damage counter reaches 100.

The complete specification is available in the ARobots manual.


ARobots was published as shareware for DOS by AnDan Software in March 1992 and relicensed as freeware in January 2000.

The following robot programs are available:

ARobots arena screenshot