BIgital SHOT is a oneshot with a decoy maker which entered the 94nop hill on 28th May 2007 and reached age 287 before being pushed off on 28th Feb 2013. BIgital SHOT also survived 227 challenges on the 94 hill, leaving the hill on 7th April 2013.

;name BIgital SHOT
;author Christian Schmidt
;strategy .66c Bishot-style Scanner
;strategy with an anti-imp coreclear
;assert 1

sSt     equ    5
gap     equ    12
cOff    equ    743

sOne    add.f   #sPtr,       sPtr
       sne.i   *sPtr,       @sPtr
       djn.f   sOne,        @sPtr
       djn.f   clear,       sPtr

for sSt
       dat     0,           0

sPtr    dat    4009+cOff, {gap+cOff
jumper  jmp    4009,      gap
       dat    0,         0
       dat    0,         0
       jmp    7829,      <1143;2667
clear   spl    #4007,     gap
       mov    @switch,   >sPtr
       mov    jumper,    }sPtr
switch  djn    clear+1,   {clear

       for    61
       dat    0     ,  0

tDecoy    equ    sPtr+4660
tStart    mov    <tDecoy+0,{tDecoy+2
         mov    <tDecoy+3,{tDecoy+5
         mov    <tDecoy+6,{tDecoy+8
         mov    <tDecoy+10,{tDecoy+12
         djn.f  sOne+1 ,<tDecoy+14

end tStart