Blur 2 is a clear-directing scanner which entered the Pizza 94 hill in July 1996 and survived 403 challenges before being pushed off in March 1997. Blur 2 was published in Core Warrior issue 36.

;name Blur 2
;author Anton Marsden
;assert CORESIZE==8000
;strategy 0.5c scan, 0.25c SPL carpet -> DAT/DJN clear
;strategy Final version (for a while)

      ORG    scan

step  EQU    70; mod-10
gate  EQU    top

ptr   mov.i  $inc+1,>step ; New DJN protection... better than a SPL?
top   mov.i  $inc,>ptr    ;                       Or worse?
scan  seq.i  $2*step+5,$2*step
chg   mov.b  $scan,@top
a     add.f  $inc,$scan
      djn.b  $top,#800
inc   spl.i  #step,#step
      mov.i  $clr,>gate
btm   djn.f  $-1,>gate
clr   dat.f  <1,#clr-gate+2