C++Robots is a programming game inspired by CROBOTS and announced by Richard Rognlie in October 1994. Players write programs to control battle robots in ANSI C or C++. Robots are placed in an arena where they aim to destroy all opponents.


Programs are written in ANSI C or C++ and control a robot using the following functions:

scan(direction,resolution)Scan in direction (0..359) with resolution (0..10) and return range
cannon(direction,range)Fire missile in direction (0..359) with range. Return 1 if successful
drive(direction,speed)Set the direction (0..359) and speed (0..100). Return 1 if successful
damage()Return damage sustained (0..100)
speed()Return speed (0..100)
loc_x()Return x-coordinate (0..9999)
loc_y()Return y-coordinate (0..9999)
time()Return the current time in CPU cycles


Build a Better Robot by Steve Gunnell is a guide to fast scanning.

The C++Robots FAQ offers insight into timing and strategy.


King of the Hill

The C++Robots king of the hill tournament has been running since 1994. New entries play 5 rounds against the robots on the hill and if the total score is high enough they enter the hill, bumping off the lowest scoring robot.

Mailing List Archive

JanFebMar AprMayJun JulAugSep OctNovDec
1997 99 3 1
1998 1 1
1999 18443 6 2 2
2000 1 1 11
2001 2


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