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II International Competition Crobots32

The competition will be started at Ottober, 2002. For more information go to Crobots32 Home Page.

Crobots32 is an attempt to deviate the 1000 instruction limit of the original program CROBOTS.EXE of Tom Poindexter. It use the multiprocessing properties of Windows9x/NT to manage the crobots. Each crobot is compiled with the real C-compiler, so it can be almost unlimitely large. Crobots32 use the special meccanism to penalise large crobots to avoid the monsters in the crobot's world.

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Almost all the C-language futures (#define, for and do cicles, float variables, structures, pointers etc) can be used in crobot's code. The 32 bit operation system (Windows 9x/NT) and the 32 bit C-compiler (Microsoft or Borland) are necessary to manage the crobots.
Unlimited length of crobots. All the local variables are to be explicetely defined.
The extended debug possibitities.  
The cooperation among crobots is a completely new future of Crobots32  

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