Damage Incorporated is an incendiary bomber which entered the Pizza 94 hill in September 1996 and reached age 373 before being pushed off in late 1997. Damage Incorporated also entered round 1 of BDECWT and was published in Core Warrior issue 49.

;name Damage Incorporated
;author Anton Marsden
;strategy Bomber
;assert CORESIZE==8000

step     equ   54
count    equ   2000
gate EQU (sp-7)

sp       spl   #-1-step,#-step   ; spl half of the incendiary
in       sub   #step+step,1
msm      mov   sm,*tgt+(step*count)-17228
msp      mov   sp,@msm           ; bomb alternately with spl & mov
tgt      jmz.b in,#0             ; bombed with spl to start clear
clr      mov   wipe,>gate
cp       djn.f clr,>gate
wipe     dat   <2667,wipe-gate+2 ; not sure if <2667 is used in the Hill
      dat   0,0                  ; version
sm       mov   step+1,>step+1    ; mov half of the incendiary

end sp