DanceOfFallenAngels is a paper/stone which entered the 94nop hill on 19th November 2005 and survived 159 challenges before being pushed off on 4th February 2006. DanceOfFallenAngels also survived 24 challenges on the 94 hill.

;name DanceOfFallenAngels
;author Nenad Tomasev
;assert CORESIZE==8000
;strategy stone/paper
;strategy a improved Starfall

ps1 equ 1082
ps2 equ 2877
ps3 equ 4043
bs equ 3850

step equ 1471
ini equ (step-2)
ds equ 3323

pbd equ 737
sdist equ 4754
sbd equ (pbd+sdist)
c1 equ 6144
c2 equ 4146

zero equ qbomb
qtab3 equ qbomb

 org qgo
qbomb   dat >qoff, >qc2
 dat 0, 0
boot spl 1, {qb1
qtab2 spl 1, {qb2
 spl 1, {qb3
 mov <sgo, {sgo
sgo spl sbomb+sbd+1, sbomb+1
 spl *sgo, }c1
 mov {p, {pgo
pgo djn.f (b+1+pbd), {c2
 for 7
 dat 0, 0
        dat zero-1, qa1
qtab1   dat zero-1, qa2
 for 9
 dat 0, 0
p spl @(b+1), >ps1
 mov }-1, >-1
p1 spl @0, >ps2
 mov }-1, >-1
 mov.i b, >bs
 mov {p1, {1
 jmz.a ps3, *0
b dat <2667, <5334
 for 5
 dat 0, 0
stone spl #-3*step, >-3*step
 mov.i sbomb, @shoot
 sub.f stone, @-1
shoot mov.i }ini, }ini+step
 djn.f (stone+1), <ds
 for 2
 dat 0, 0
sbomb dat >step, >1
 for 16
 dat 0, 0

qc2 equ ((1+(qtab3-qptr)*qy)%CORESIZE)
qb1 equ ((1+(qtab2-1-qptr)*qy)%CORESIZE)
qb2 equ ((1+(qtab2-qptr)*qy)%CORESIZE)
qb3 equ ((1+(qtab2+1-qptr)*qy)%CORESIZE)
qa1 equ ((1+(qtab1-1-qptr)*qy)%CORESIZE)
qa2 equ ((1+(qtab1-qptr)*qy)%CORESIZE)
qz equ 2108
qy equ 243         ;qy*(qz-1)=1

;q0 mutation
qgo     sne qptr+qz*qc2, qptr+qz*qc2+qb2
        seq <qtab3, qptr+qz*(qc2-1)+qb2
        jmp q0, }q0
        sne qptr+qz*qa2, qptr+qz*qa2+qb2
        seq <qtab1, qptr+qz*(qa2-1)+qb2
        jmp q0, {q0
        sne qptr+qz*qa1, qptr+qz*qa1+qb2
        seq <(qtab1-1), qptr+qz*(qa1-1)+qb2
        djn.a q0, {q0
                                        ;q1 mutation
        sne qptr+qz*qb3, qptr+qz*qb3+qb3
        seq <(qtab2+1), qptr+qz*(qb3-1)+(qb3-1)
        jmp q0, }q1
        sne qptr+qz*qb1, qptr+qz*qb1+qb1
        seq <(qtab2-1), qptr+qz*(qb1-1)+(qb1-1)
        jmp q0, {q1

        sne qptr+qz*qb2, qptr+qz*qb2+qb2
        seq <qtab2, qptr+qz*(qb2-1)+(qb2-1)
        jmp q0
                                        ;qz mutation
        seq >qptr, qptr+qz+(qb2-1)
        jmp q2, <qptr
                                        ;q0 mutation
        seq qptr+(qz+1)*(qc2-1), qptr+(qz+1)*(qc2-1)+(qb2-1)
        jmp q0, }q0
        seq qptr+(qz+1)*(qa2-1), qptr+(qz+1)*(qa2-1)+(qb2-1)
        jmp q0, {q0
        seq qptr+(qz+1)*(qa1-1), qptr+(qz+1)*(qa1-1)+(qb2-1)
        djn.a q0, {q0
        jmz.f boot, qptr+(qz+1)*(qb2-1)+(qb2-1)

qoff equ -86
qstep equ -7
qtime equ 19

q0      mul.b *2, qptr
q2      sne {qtab1, @qptr
q1      add.b qtab2, qptr
        mov qtab3, @qptr
qptr    mov qbomb, }qz
        sub #qstep, qptr
        djn -3, #qtime
        djn.f boot, #0