Spring Corewar Tournament

This is the homepage for the 2006 Corewar Spring Tournament. The tournament is currently in Round 6.

Round Five

Round 5 rules have been posted! Round 5 rules and players pairings can be found on the round 5 page. Round 4 results can be found at the round four page. Current tournament bracket standings can be found on the brackets page.

What is Corewar?

Corewar is game for programmers in which two or more computer programs compete for control of the core. Programs are written in an abstract assembly language called Redcode. The object of the game is to cause enemy programs to execute illegal instructions, causing them to terminate, leaving your program in sole possession of the machine.

Tournament Specifics

We will be using the ICWS-94 Redcode standard for the tournament. A detailed guide for '94 code can be found here.

This will be a DOUBLE elimination tournament, meaning lose twice and you're out!

For those who have never participated in a Corewar tournament before, the way it works is that each round there is a new set of rules for any number of core/warrior/misc parameters and with each round you program a new warrior. For example, the core size, process limit, read maximum, instruction restrictions, the scoring algorithm, etc can and will all vary from round to round, so fundamental strategies may or may not work depending on the settings.

Each round will take one week, giving you 7 days to code a warrior for the new rules. For more information on dates, see the schedule page.