Derision is a oneshot which entered the Pizza 94 hill on 8th November 1995 and survived 351 challenges before being pushed off on 7th January 1996.

;name Derision
;author M R Bremer
;kill Derision
;strategy       trying for a better endpoint .
;strategy       scan --> clear
;strategy       one of these days i'll code another bomber
;strategy       this one is a _rough_ draft

org boot+1


ptrs    dat sp1, 0
        add.f step, scan
scan    sne.i }108-3, >100-3
        djn.f -2, <-1664
sp1     spl #9, #14
        mov.i *ptrs, >scan
        mov.i *ptrs, >scan
        djn.f -2, <-40
step    dat 16, 16
        spl #8, #14
for 73
        dat last+10, last+11
boot    dat BOOTPTR, 12
        mov ptrs, }boot
        mov ptrs+1, }boot
        mov ptrs+2, }boot
        mov ptrs+3, }boot
        mov ptrs+4, }boot
        mov ptrs+5, }boot
        mov ptrs+6, }boot
        mov ptrs+7, }boot
        mov ptrs+8, }boot
        mov ptrs+9, }boot
        mov 10, step-2
last    jmp  BOOTPTR-10