Maezumo is an evolver written by Christian Schmidt. Maezumo includes several unique features, including hint modes for paper, scissors and stone.

Yace 1.2 (86K) - C++ source for Martin Ankerl's Yace corewar evolver. A self-extacting Windows file (124K) is also available. For more details, see the Yace Homepage.

Terry Newton has created a number of evolvers - Redmaker, Fizzle and REBS. His informative site covers a wide variety of evolving topics.

RedMixer is Terry Newton's latest evolver. Terry also has a page dedicated to small evolvers.

Dave Hillis makes his RedRace evolving software available, which generated - the first evolved warrior to win a tournament.

µGP³ is a tool for evolving assembly programs which has been used to generate successful warriors for the nano and tiny hills. For more details, see the µGP³ Homepage

Barkley Vowk is the author of the CCAI distributed evolver, which successfully produced the first evolved warriors to enter the '94nop hill.

Corewar Redcode Evolver is Loren Jamison's evolving software.

Will Varfar is the author of the Species evolving software.

Miha Vitorovic is working on the Java CoreWars Evolver.

Jason Boer created one of the earliest evolvers, GA_WAR.C

Corewar Tribes (979K) - Linus Thorsell's software to evolve warriors.