Falling Leaf 1.21 entered the Intel 88 hill in June 1992 and survived to age 810 before being pushed off on 18 October 1992.

;name Falling Leaf 1.21
;author Matt Hastings
;strategy combination JMP/DAT bomber w/
;strategy lots of mutation and decoys

start   mov trap3,<ptr2
        mov trap2,<ptr2
        mov trap,<ptr2
        mov inc,<ptr1
        mov jb,<ptr1
        mov l5,<ptr1
        mov l4,<ptr1
        mov l3,<ptr1
        mov mark,<ptr1
        mov l1,<ptr1
        mov l0,<ptr1
        mov ptr2+1,-2344+trap-l0+480-350
        jmp @ptr1,<ptr1
l0      spl 0,0
l1      add trap+11+5+20,jb
mark    mov jb,@jb
l3      mov <289-2,0+285
l4      add inc,-1
l5      djn -4,<2500-5+1-1500+5+350
jb      jmp trap+11+20+5-mark+1+285,mark-1-285
inc     dat #285,#285
trap    mov @285,<-285
trap2   spl -1,0
trap3   jmp -1,0
ptr1    dat #0,#-2100+480-350
ptr2    dat #0,#-2100+11+20+trap-l0-6+5+480-350