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Corewar is a game for skillful programmers in which two (or more) programs compete for control of a virtual machine.

The above description, though not very informative, reflects perfectly the general idea of corewar. To provide you with a better introduction to corewar, let's start from a virtual core, an unprotected memory of, say, 8000 bytes. Before battle, a virtual processor loads two (or more) programs (AKA warriors) written in assembly-like language. The battle begins - programs are executed in a sequence: program A, program B, program A, . The battle ends when all processes of one of programs are killed i.e. they executed the unexecutable (sic!) instruction DAT.

OK, this is not the most comprehensive introductionary text to corewar. You can find many gazillion times better intro pages in the web. Among those that should be listed here, you can't miss Philip Kendall's Getting started in Core War and Ilmari's guide to redcode. These will give you some insight and are good places to start from.

Now, knowing what corewar actually is you may want to go beyond the very basics and check out following sections of my page:

Homepages, software links and hills (remote servers where on-going battles take place).
Book of stones
A poor attempt of yours truly to write a good book of corewar for advanced players. Is it any good? I doubt. Nonetheless, it is on-line, waiting for either being deleted from server or to be complemented with further chapters.