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VDP - Violate Design Parameters

(Instructions, that should exist)

Core Wars

Here you can find everything about Core War, that I have published recently.


From time to time I work on a Python library for Core War - PyCorewar ...

History of Core War

Because I'm interested in the history of Core War, I have collected some data and made some images about the various hills.


To understand quickscanners better, I have written several postings at the newsgroup Externer Finally I have created a little quickscanner-tutorial. Maybe you find it interesting.

To show the development of quickscanners, I have created the Quickscanner-Hill. You can publish your quickscans there.

Score surfaces

Do you want to learn more about the interactions between two warriors? Try to calculate some score surfaces.



Jens Gutzeit



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March 3, 2006

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