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Score Surfaces for Tiny Stone vs. Muskrat

Here you can find the score surface for Tiny Stone vs. Externer LinkMuskrat (a T.N.T style bomber). Click on the images to get larger versions. The raw data (853 KiB) of all fights is also available. The data for the this score surface was kindly calculated by Sascha Zapf.

Score surface

The best score against Muskrat is 191.39 (W 63.60%, L 35.81%, T 0.59%). It can be found at (635, 119), (635, 279), (635, 439), (635, 599) and (635, 759).



In the following image the red channel represents the wins, the green channel the losses and the blue channel the ties.



Jens Gutzeit


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September 15, 2005

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