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Score Surfaces for YAP vs. Hired Sword

Here you can find the score surface for YAP vs. Externer LinkHired Sword (a 0.33c scanner). Click on the images to get larger versions. The raw data (1.2 MiB) of all fights is also available. All data for this score surface was kindly calculated by M Joonas Pihlaja and Barkley Vowk.

Score surface

The best score against Hired Sword is 156.90 (W 44.35%, L 31.80% , T 23.85%). It can be found at (327, 71). Please note the horizontal and vertical lines near multiples of 181, the scan step of Hired Sword. The next best scores all have a pStep1 near 181.



In the following image the red channel represents the wins, the green channel the losses and the blue channel the ties.



Jens Gutzeit


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August 19, 2005

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