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Score Surfaces for YAP vs. Muskrat

Here you can find the score surface for YAP vs. Externer LinkMuskrat (a T.N.T. style bomber). Click on the images to get larger versions. The raw data (1.2 MiB) of all fights is also available. All data for this score surface was kindly calculated by Peter (Inversed) Karpov, John Metcalf, M Joonas Pihlaja, Roy van Rijn, Christian Schmidt, Barkley Vowk and Sascha Zapf.

This is the first score surface, that was ever calculated!


When a paper fights against a bomber, it only needs to spread itself fast enough to beat the bomber. The score surface is the best proof of that idea. Only when the paper uses obvious bad step constants, like pStep2 = k * pStep1, it scores bad against Muskrat. It soon starts to overwrite itself and thus decreases its performance. The best score against Muskrat can be found at (125, 52) with a score of 254.14 (W 81.93%, L 9.72%, T 8.34%).


There are further choices for bad step pairs. Obvious bad steps for pStep1 are near 0 and 400, but also at 200 and 600 are faint green lines, which indicate worse performance. Imp steps (267, 534) should also be avoided, because they let the paper overwrite itself too soon.

It is interesting, that there are no similar structures for pStep2. Apart from the obvious bad choice of a value near zero, it doesn't seem to have a great influence on the performance of the paper like pStep1.


In the following image the red channel represents the wins, the green channel the losses and the blue channel the ties.



Jens Gutzeit


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August 19, 2005

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