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A Corewar MARS¹ program written in Java. The goal is to be '94 draft compliant along with all pMARS extensions.

Here is a Dwarf vs. Imp battle.

Here is the current version.

Here is the previous version.



Ok, here is release 0.1. In this release I've fixed the applet code (so it runs, but different components still don't work in different browsers) and changed the frontend to an event style interface. A complete list of changes can be found in the changes.txt file.


Here is another release, version 0.01. I've gone through all the code, cleaned it up so it's all one style now and added javadoc comments to all classes and functions. I also changed the round/cycle display to a label. The applet code is still broken so this can only be run as an application.


I'm releasing a pre-alpha version. It really isn't very usable yet, but I'm hoping some others will jump in and help with the coding (especially on the front end).


I now have the MARS class just about completed, for those familiar with the pMARS source this corresponds roughly to sim.c. As a side note to those that have talked about a separate implementation of the '94 draft, i.e. other than pMARS, this is more of a reimplimentation of pMARS than it is of the '94 draft.


I'm just starting the programming on this.

¹. Memory Array Redcode Simulator

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