Herem II entered the Intel 88 hill in February 1993 and survived to age 737+ before being pushed off in April.

;name Herem II
;author Anders Ivner

step	equ	2376

boot	mov	<spt,		<dpt
	mov	<spt,		<dpt
	mov	<spt,		<dpt
	mov	<spt,		<dpt
	mov	<spt,		<dpt
	mov	<spt,		<dpt

	mov	const,		const+4008
	mov	glue,		glue+4012
	mov	gate,		gate+4016

spt	jmp	@dpt,		const
dpt	dat		#const+4000

start	add	const+8,	pt
	mov	glue+12,	@pt
pt	mov	<4003,		@1
	djn	start,		<-100
	mov	gate+16,	<-10
	jmp	-2

const	dat	#step,  	#step
glue	spl	0,		<-20
gate	dat	<-22,		<-21

	dat		#1
	dat		#1

	dat		#1

	end	boot