IRC Mini Tournament #01 - Sunday 02 March 2003

An impromptu (and somewhat hectic) mini tournament was organised on IRC: competitors having just 15 minutes to write a warrior for coresize 80, maxprocesses 80, cycles 800, maxlength 5. Altogether, 8 players participated, with Christian Schmidt claiming first place. If either your browser or yourself doesn't like tables, the results are also available in results.txt. To download all of the compo warriors in one go, just grab (6K).

#%W%L%TName AuthorScore%
165.014.720.3 Nano ClearChristian Schmidt215.43100.0
253.627.219.2 TimeToWasteRvR179.9683.5
340.511.847.8 Nano SilkChristian Schmidt169.1478.5
444.026.229.8 'ere!Miz161.7275.1
550.440.78.8 closedPhilip Thorne160.1874.4
634.721.443.9 Lame The 2ndJakub148.0268.7
711.38.480.3 sdeLG114.1553.0
817.932.649.5 hmmmmWill Varfar103.2747.9
924.145.330.7 WindPhilip Thorne102.8847.8
1013.845.241.0 blindPhilip Thorne82.4638.3
1115.951.033.1 hypergateChristian80.7337.5
120.046.753.3 Lame The 1stJakub53.2724.7

[metcalf] Anyone fancy a quick tournament? 10 minutes to write a 5 line warrior to play round-robin in a size 80 core?
[metcalf] There are enough of us here :-)
[Philb] John: Yes PBT
[metcalf] Okay, that's one.
[Roy] 5 lines...80 core...sure :-)
[metcalf] Two :-)
[willvarfa] metcalf: count me in too
[metcalf] :-)
[willvarfa] how many cycles?
[metcalf] Erm, 800, Maxprocesses 80
[Fizmo] I will send one
[metcalf] That's four :-)
[jakub] metcalf: I don't know how to code paper with this settings :)
[grabun] OK, I will give a try
* Roy is gone now, but will be back in 15 min
[Neutrino] what's up?, I'm ready with the 5 line warrior
[Mizcu] 5 minutes deadline left
[metcalf] pmars -F 21 -s 80 -p 80 -c 800 -l 5 -d 5 -b -k -P is the exact command line to be used. :-)
[jakub] metcalf: will I get some bonus points because of the length? :)
[Fizmo] my entry is nearly ready ;-)
[grabun] Aw, I feel the scent of burning keyboards...
[Roy] a 5-line p-spacer....hmmm
[Philb] My pswitcher's giving me trouble hmm
[metcalf] Okay please check I haven't missed your entry on this list: nano clear, nano silk, time to waste, 'ere (mizcu), lame the 1st, lame the 2nd, closed, sde, hmmmm, wind, blind, hypergate
[jakub] UUPS. hypergate - that's not good
[Roy] And is it already running?
[metcalf] If your warrior is missing, please speak up now :-)
[metcalf] Results are on the web!
[Philb] Even better
[metcalf] Congratulations....
[grabun] Congrats
[Philb] Wow quick result and publishing - 'grats Nano dude
[Roy] aw, second place :-P
[metcalf] That was fun, so who's going to organise one next week :-)
[grabun] Bye all, thanks John for the tourney!
* willvarfa waves
* grabun waves too
[Roy] Yes, Thanks John!
[jakub] Roy: congrats
[Roy] 2 minutes work :-)
[jakub] Fizmo: Good work. Congrats.
[metcalf] I'd like to take part next time :-)
[Fizmo] Thanks John. That was much fun
[Philb] I have an idea for next week - will keep quiet tho.
[Mizcu] i am crushed by success of 'ere comparing to the chaos there was on making it
[jakub] * smiles
[metcalf] The tournament took about 10 seconds to run (only 800 cycles and 142 rounds per pair)
[metcalf] Most time was pasting warriors from here there and everywhere ;-)
[jakub] metcalf: this type of tournaments is good idea
* metcalf waves
* Roy aves to all of you!
* Philb waves
[Roy] waves? whats waving? :-O