IRC Mini Tournament #02 - Sunday 09 March 2003

This week, Phil Thorne organises the Mini Tournament, with just 30 minutes available to write a tiny hill warrior. The compiled Redcode is not allowed to contain the numbers -1 or 1. Warriors battle round robin for 250 rounds. All in, 6 players enter a total of 10 warriors and Roy van Rijn emerges the clear winner, taking the top two positions. If either your browser or yourself doesn't like tables, the results are also available in results.txt. To download all of the compo warriors in one go, just grab (7K).

#%W%L%TName AuthorScore%
151.19.939.0 S/I(mple)Roy van Rijn192.31100.0
256.026.917.0 SoLo (Mini+no 1,-1)Roy van Rijn185.1696.3
337.117.445.5 Eternal LightJohn Metcalf156.8081.5
436.319.943.8 Queenly FluxJohn Metcalf152.6279.4
527.533.938.6 BulletproofLukasz Adamowski121.1663.0
613.725.261.1 Entry TwoLukasz Adamowski102.3153.2
719.138.042.9 MiniFlashPaul Khuong100.2252.1
815.033.052.0 ThrooMiz96.9850.4
94.914.980.2 Tiny BiShot 2.01Will94.98 49.4
101.943.654.4 TinyPaul Khuong60.1831.3

[pkhuong] 9 PM gmt is in 10 minutes, right? :D
* metcalf looks anxiously at the time, before scurrying off to fetch a drink.
* metcalf has returned. pMars - check. Optima - check. Cola - check. Scrap paper - argh... looking...
[pkhuong] oh, optima :(... bah, corestep
[Mizcu] pMars - available Optima - what? Cola - not for 12 hours Scrap paper - (can use school book..)
* Roy has also returned, chips - check, cola - double check, pmarsv - check, brains...hmmm...not anywhere in sight
[Philb] Ok, everybody back?
* adamow checks: Cola - none, Sandwiches - none, Glasses - Where are my glasses?!? pmarswin - dead (Work, you ^%#^@, work!!!) ;]
[Philb] To let John have a chance to compete this week I'm hosting the round. Hopefully you'll have to think a bit.
[Philb] All ready?
[pkhuong] go :D
[Philb] Ok, tiny hill parameters only restriction is that the LOAD file must not contain the number 1 or -1. -r 250
[pkhuong] load file? :D
[Mizcu] tiny hill, no 1's or -1's..
[Philb] pmars -r 0 >x.load
[Philb] Up to two entries. 30 mins - I'll give warning 10min before end
[Philb] To clarify load file can contain say mov.i 213, #4. Just not single digit 1's
[pkhuong] LOL :D
[adamow] Can you tell the whole pmars parameter line?
[Philb] pmars -s 800 -c 8000 -p 800 -l 20 -d 20 -F NNN
[adamow] Thx
[metcalf] Oh no, no d-clear :-( (without modifications)
* pkhuong has a bad paper :D
[pkhuong] okiz... what are imp steps in -s 800?
[metcalf] 267 (3 point) and 343 (7 point)
[pkhuong] thx
* Philb hums a little tune
* Roy has his first entry ready!
* adamow too (hopefully it does work ;)
[Philb] WARNING: 10 minutes left
[Roy] Now I feel a bit down, I stole too much code :-(
[Philb] WARNING 2 mins left. Only 4 entries
[metcalf] Working
[Roy] Hurry people! don't think too long!
[adamow] Got Second!!!
[adamow] And to be honest: I stole NO code :]
[pkhuong] wooh :D
[pkhuong] thx phil!
[adamow] I guess I'll be the last :]]]
[Roy] Ok, time for me to reveal, I send in a stone/imp and a HSA scanner with dat clear (first one is 99% stolen :-()
* pkhuong sent a HSA scanner with dat clear, and a (suicidal)paper+stone
[pkhuong] nop >x, }y rule ;)
[adamow] I was completely unprepared for stealing, that's why... ;]
[Roy] yep ;-)
[Roy] I looove nop :-P
[metcalf] Me too :-)
[Philb] I have Mizcu(1), PK(2), Roy(2), Will(1?), JM(2)
[Philb] Oops and LA(2)
[pkhuong] LOL :)
[Roy] Fight fire with fire, steal code from the opponent you fear most :-P
* Roy points at Metcalf
[pkhuong] hehe :)
[pkhuong] which one did you steal?
[Mizcu] *First* ever warrior i have done with tiny settings, i will probably be last. Well, taught me some stress handling.
[Roy] the stone/imp...
[Roy] I'm not proud but I want to win ;-)
* pkhuong wanted to submit a bomb dodger :) it didn't look cool enough
[adamow] I don't want to win. I want to HAVE FUN!!!
* metcalf isn't even sure if his warrior works properly
* Roy thinks winning IS fun!
[adamow] PLAYING is fun!
[metcalf] PLAYING is stressful!
[Roy] I do that too...
[adamow] Winning is SATISFYING
[Roy] Thats why I hope to do both :p
[metcalf] :-)
[metcalf] Next time, I will have a name chosen before the tournament, I don't like picking one in a hurry!
[adamow] I see it's not only me who has keyboar-problem ;]
[Philb] I'm off #corewars [but still on IRC] - focus-grabbing IRC problems
* metcalf is beginning to recover.
[metcalf] I was starting to panic when my first warrior wouldn't work and it was 9:20 ;-)
[adamow] My eyes need some rest
[adamow] See you!
[Roy] bye!
[adamow] Oh, I hope someone will publish the results :]]]
[willvarfa] cya
[Roy] When can we expect the results?
[pkhuong] i'd say ~ 30 minutes max :)
[adamow] Phil's gone, so I won't speculate
[metcalf] Cheers...
* metcalf waves, but hasn't figure who's going yet :-)
[pkhuong] bye lukasz
[metcalf] Ah.
* metcalf waves to lukasz. :-)
[Philb] We have a clear winner!
[metcalf] :-) Not me. I just tested mine against the benchmark...
[Roy] Woah!
[pkhuong] lol
[Roy] I didn't even have to steal metcalf's code....Solo did enough
[pkhuong] gj roy
[metcalf] Congratulations, nice redcoding Roy :-)
[Roy] Why didn't you use your own code metcalf :-)
[Roy] S/I(mple) == Snowstorm
[pkhuong] argh..coulda cut the nop in tiny! :/
[willvarfa] congrats Roy :-)
[Roy] A dodger would have been nice btw
[Roy] 1/2/3/4 -> stone/scanner/paper/pspacer
* Roy just submitted TinySolo at cwsft
[Mizcu] i could host the tournament (round) next time since metcalf has a software ready for such
[Roy] :-O
[Roy] No! its my turn!
[Roy] You can go the week after that ;-)
[Mizcu] if you insist ;)
* metcalf is thinking about the updating of the tiny infinite hill suddenly required!
* metcalf thanks Phil for an enjoyable evening...
[Philb] Thanks to all who participated. I hope it wasn't too easy.
[Mizcu] roy wants to do the round next week, wonder what evil he has brewing..
[metcalf] Easy! No... Stressful, YES! Fun, definitely :-)
[metcalf] :-( I found this week's difficult enough.
[metcalf] I think I might get going.
* metcalf waves.
[metcalf] Good-night, cheers.