IRC Mini Tournament #03 - Sunday 16 March 2003

The third IRC speed redcoding tournament is hosted by Roy van Rijn. Played in a standard 8000 cell core, entries may only contain values of either -1, 0 or 1 in the compiled Redcode. Roy even supplied a selection of benchmark warriors (, for anyone who could find time to use them in the 30 minutes allowed ;-) This week, 7 players enter a total of 12 warriors, with Phil Thorne taking the #1 spot, closely followed by Mizcu. Dave Hillis commented in on the possibility of evolving an entry. Read his comments in evolve.txt. If either your browser or yourself doesn't like tables, the results are also available in results.txt. To download all of the compo warriors in one go, just grab (12K).

#%W%L%TNameAuthor Score%
140.713.4 45.9BinFool Philip Thorne168.09100.0
2 47.428.823.8ere we go Miz165.9198.7
352.3 42.75.0Semi-Skilled Redcoder John Metcalf161.8296.3
4 49.938.911.22 Craze 2Christian Schmidt160.9195.7
542.325.332.5 Safe ClearLukasz Adamowski159.2794.8
641.233.125.7 nonameLukasz Adamowski149.2788.8
718.40.681.0 2365*2^2936+1 is prime!John Metcalf136.09 81.0
817.532.649.9 RepliChristian Schmidt102.27 60.8
910.720.968.4 DesperateMiz100.5559.8
1027.460.312.4 Bad StonePaul Khuong94.45 56.2
1114.038.947.1 BinFool #3Philip Thorne 89.0953.0
1212.939.0 48.1tmpJoonas86.82 51.6

[adamow] I think time zero is coming quickly
[pkhuong] 2 minutes
[Roy] Hi all
[Roy] Ok, the tournament!
[Fizmo] just 20 rounds?
[pkhuong] lol :)
* metcalf is now working!
[Roy] So quiet...everybody coding? I can smell the sweat
[adamow] Yeah, I do sweat :]
[Roy] I was working on that little benchmark for about 2 hours, and you have to do it in 30min...phew
[Roy] Ic, until now: Lukasz (1) Fizmo (1)
[metcalf] How long left?
[Mizcu] ~18
[Roy] Come on, with the opponents I have now my benchmark warrior W7 is still better ;-)
[joonas] Are there self-fights?
[Roy] No then, no selffights
[Fizmo] some seconds then I am ready for the next entry
[Roy] about 3/4 of the time and I only have 3 yet
[Roy] I want to get more then the previous rounds, so for god sake, program like you've never done before!
[Roy] Does anybody have a warrior that can beat my whole benchmark yet? if not: I'm proud ;)
[metcalf] I'm done... phew.
[joonas] aarggh... the time pressure is too much!
[Roy] metcalf (2) lukasz (1) fizmo (1)
[pkhuong] submitted mine...
[pkhuong] a bad stone-> clear :/
[metcalf] Mine beats everything except W4 and W6 (goes evens)
[pkhuong] didn't even try to benchmark it :D
[Fizmo] Well, I have no real idea :(
[metcalf] And my other loses to W5, goes evens with W6 and W1 and beats the rest.
[Mizcu] Computer crashed, taking about 5 mins effective coding-time and spoiling my concentration for another 5 mins. But hey, i am still alive and my pulse is normal :) .
* metcalf was better prepared today. No paper, no Cola, no snack, no distractions... there is only time for coding...
[Fizmo] no clue what to do............
[Mizcu] now we can only wait
[adamow] it's nice idea for a tournament: hard to steal anything :]]]
[joonas] argh
* joonas is still shaking
[joonas] I completely underestimated how hard it is to put a number into the correct place in one's warrior.
[metcalf] nop rules here too :-)
[Philb] Whew, so we're all alive still. Can't believe some people [JM] ran benchmarks
[Roy] met (2) lukasz (2) joonas (1) philb (2) fizmo (2) mizcu (2) paul (1) everybody done?
[joonas] man, my warrior stinks. :-/
[pkhuong] mine stinks more :)
[Roy] ok, lets see, I'm running it now!
[Fizmo] I just used the W7 as a benchmark
* metcalf wrote two warriors, so they probably aren't so good...
[Mizcu] warrior-rot disease, mine are not that good smellling either..
[Fizmo] Don't know how my entries will work against the rest
* metcalf has a paper/imp and a one-shot :-)
[metcalf] How about everyone else? What does your do?
[pkhuong] bad emerald-like stone -> clear
[adamow] Two clears
[joonas] oops.. a spl @0,8 / mov }-1, >-1 / jmp *-1 paper.
[adamow] One bad, second worse :]
[Philb] Mine's a stone [same-ish twice] . no time to clear but one sort of wimps [hurrah]
[Philb] Hmm, my benchmark just in [mts]. behind W7 & W5
[Fizmo] good ;->
[Mizcu] i have to say that i didnt really test my first entry well, became by rather "ill look what happens if - (i dont have enough time to think)"
[adamow] I wonder if someone has stolen any of Roy's warrior?
[Roy] and the winner is......
[Roy] Philip Thorne!
[Philb] Ooh :-)
[metcalf] Congratulations Phil :-)
[joonas] Yay!! congratulations!
* joonas pops the champagne
[adamow] Congratulations!
[Roy] It was VERY close
[Roy] Second place goes tooo...
[Roy] Mizcu!!
[adamow] Bravo, Mizcu!
[Mizcu] hmm
[Philb] Tx Roy - tricky/panic-y
[joonas] Congratulations Mizcu
[Roy] Third -> metcalf
[metcalf] Yay!!
[Roy] and then chris and then lukasz
* joonas hands john his own champagne bottle
[metcalf] Well done everyone, and thanks Roy, very interesting...
[joonas] Man, these IRC tournaments should be prescribed in stress-management classes. ;)
[joonas] yes, thanks roy.
[Fizmo] Congratulations and thanks for that big fun
[adamow] Yeah, thanx, guys!
[metcalf] Joonas: well said. I coped much better this week than last. I though I was prepared last week with everything at hand. I now believe preperation is a state of mind
[Philb] Act. last week [hosting] was stressful too. Hard to cut warriors out of my IRC client [timestamps/html blah]. email so much better
[Roy] Its very hard to host, I'm still working and you guys are done :P
* metcalf is pleased to have a warrior with only 0.6% losses.
[adamow] Damn, it really was very close round!
[Roy] yes, very close
[Mizcu] how on EARTH did ere'we'go got such scores? desperate was not really a surprise
[joonas] metcalf: what's the significance of the prime?
[metcalf] Joonas: Optima numbers for coresize 8000. MOD 8 and MOD 5 :-)
[joonas] metcalf: but how do you know that that's a prime? It's huge!
[Philb] Trust John to go calc a ginormic prime when the rest of us are sweating <g>
[adamow] I have to go
[joonas] bye
[Philb] bye
* metcalf waves
[Mizcu] Interesting, erewego is the first selfmutating program that i have done accidentally without making the program become a mutant/abomination.
[Fizmo] Well, I have to go now. I am absolutely tired
[Fizmo] bye all
[joonas] bye fiz
[Philb] Ok I'm off. See you next week
[metcalf] Tonight, I need to sleep...
[pkhuong] bye all
[metcalf] Goodnight.
[Mizcu] 0.5c dat-clear backwards + 1.0c decrement-stream forwards.. maybe it was the speed that gave e'w'g so many wins..
[Mizcu] (me is still theorizing..)
[joonas] I should be off
[joonas] bye all
[Mizcu] bye
[Roy] me is gone too, bye!