IRC Mini Tournament #04 - Sunday 23 March 2003

This week, Mizcu host's the mini tournament, in a super-tiny 20 cell core. Entries must be exactly 10 instructions, so right from the start you know the exact location of your opponent. In total, 7 authors submit 13 warrior, with Phil Thorne and Jakub Kozisek sharing first place. If either your browser or yourself doesn't like tables, the results are also available in results.txt. To download all of the compo warriors in one go, just grab (8K).

#%W%L%TName AuthorScore%
158.325.016.7 PBT IRC4-APhilB191.67100.0
=58.325.016.7 Atomic BombermanJakub Kozisek191.67100.0
341.78.350.0 strength in numberPaulKhuong175.0091.3
=41.78.350.0 must hurryJohn Metcalf175.0091.3
541.725.033.3 Dragon's LairChristian Schmidt158.3382.6
633.316.750.0 What to hell it is to be?Lukasz Adamowski150.0078.3
741.750.08.3 ViciChristian Schmidt133.3369.6
= CountTo10Roy133.3369.6
916.716.766.7 Impish :DPaulKhuong116.6760.9
1025.058.316.7 PBT IRC4-BPhilB91.6747.8
118.333.358.3 imp+gateRoy83.3343.5
1216.758.325.0 Completely no ideaLukasz Adamowski75.0039.1
138.383.38.3 pushing the time limitJohn Metcalf33.3317.4

[Mizcu] 5 minutes for battle
[Mizcu] *prepare yourself*
* metcalf looks for his programming tools.
[pkhuong] <- will watch you sweat :D
[roy] I'm already sweating and its not even started yet!
[Mizcu] *let the battle begin*
[adamow] Cavalry arrived! ;]
[adamow] In the last moment :]
[Mizcu] 30 minutes remaining
* jakub will be back in 30 minutes
[adamow] CORESIZE twenty!?!?
[Mizcu] ain't i a devil? ];)
[metcalf] Anyone entering paper?
[Roy] uhm.. :)
[pkhuong] well, does imp count as paper? :/
[pkhuong] i submitted imp+wimp, but i think the wimp won't kill anything :/
[pkhuong] no benchmarking! when you only have 2 ideas, it's easy :D
[Mizcu] a bit under 3 minutes remaining
[Mizcu] 3 warriors copied down, one waiting on e-mail
[Roy] aaaahhh!!
[adamow] I've got NO idea ;]
[Fizmo] Well, simple things are usually the best ;-)
[metcalf] how long, adding names / strat lines now
[pkhuong] pfft :P
[Roy] ok, i'm taking the last two places :)
[adamow] hey, leave one for me! ;]
[Roy] I really had NOTHING good...nothing!!
[Roy] I only hope my abusive warrior will do some damage, and maybe my imp+impgate combo...
[metcalf] Mizcu: how many entries? Did you get mine?
[adamow] I didn't even test my warriors
[adamow] I only used my imagination ;]
[pkhuong] same here
[Philb] I would have liked to have done a 3rd - dodger into enemy territory...
[pkhuong] a hopper? :|
[Roy] My warrior wasn't accepted :(
[Mizcu] 2 phil, 2 fiz, 1.5 roy, 2 adamow, 2 pkhuong
[Roy] Its legal right?
[Roy] to use end 17 :)
[pkhuong] :P
[metcalf] LOL: Roy got caught using an illegal warrior! Taking 1 cycle to do a jmp 17 too slow for you is it?
[Roy] yes...
[pkhuong] CHEATER! :)
[Roy] Its not illegal!!
[pkhuong] is too
[Roy] - Remember that the starting point can be anywhere in a warrior.
[Roy] A warrior -> not necessarily MY warrior right? ;)
[Roy] guess not then...
[Mizcu] right, just about done
[Mizcu] 13 entrants, names will be given in a minute
[Mizcu] jakub (1), lukasz (2), roy (2), fizmo (2), pkhuong (2), metcalf (2), philb (2)
[Mizcu] if you do not see your name, or have weird number, speak now or silence of eternity
[Mizcu] arrggh..
[Mizcu] gwbasic doesnt seem to like my win2k
* jakub is waiting for last position
[pkhuong] jakub: no, i got a shotgun on that spot
[Roy] I still don't like the fact my warrior was not allowed :( nobody gave me a good reason yet
[pkhuong] it's against the spirit of the competition :P
[Fizmo] I really enjoy this tournaments
* adamow enjoys irctours too
[joonas] how's it going with the results?
[Roy] He's working his ass off :) organising is harder then coding a warrior
[metcalf] Stress!
[Roy] cool :) not so bad after all
[metcalf] Congratulations :-)
[Roy] losses: 0.0 :-)
[Fizmo] congratulations
[joonas] congratulations anonymous
[Fizmo] who is anonymous?
[Mizcu] anonymous equ philb
[jakub] Mizcu: what's that. I send you another program
[Roy] and thanks mizcu, another evening full of fun ;-)
[jakub] my terminal cutted half of the lines off :(
[Philb] The results could be very variable given just 1 Round - it's a guess where to hit.
[Mizcu] the quotes part is easy, 6* "how long will it take?"
[pkhuong] hehe :)
[Philb] Dragon's Lair is similar in start to IRC4a.
* Philb really should have come up with names but time was a -pressing
[Fizmo] Arrgghh, I saw a mistake in Dragon's Lair. The coreclear starts in the middle of my own code instead of the end of the opponents code :(
[jakub] Fizmo: :(
[Philb] Isn't that ok though as your not executing there anymore?
[metcalf] Right, no-one disappear for a minute
[Mizcu] looks like the mistake turned to to be fatal
[pkhuong] wow :)
[metcalf] Okay, when Jakub posted the warrior via IRC, the five lines which began with white space disappeared...
[metcalf] So, congrats to Jakub too :-) Tied for 1st place with PhilB
[Philb] 0 losses for counttoten _and_ it's main instruction is first line. Hmm some psychology there - everyone thought everyone else wouldn't start at first line.
[adamow] I see most of people bet on two processed fast bombing
[metcalf] Maybe I should have stuck to dat bombs.
[jakub] time to go to bed
[pkhuong] bye
[adamow] Mine is the first one with different strategy :]
* pkhuong went for bomb reistant clears :)
[metcalf] Okay, good-night
[Mizcu] I am the only one that though about countering nightmare-splitters, I did have more than 30mins of time, though..
[Philb] nightmare splitters?
[metcalf] Maxprocesses 15 though, I assumed no-one would split too much.
[Mizcu] philb: spl @ enemy to assure a tie
[metcalf] Ah right. Split into the enemy, then bomb the enemy.
[adamow] John, not exactly: split to enemy then bomb everything ;]
[Philb] Time for me to get going. Tx for the tourney Mizcu - made us think a little differently than usual :-) my experience so far has been that it's more stressful to host than compete.
[Mizcu] Philb: i agree on that one
[Philb] bye all
[adamow] Bye, Phil
[Fizmo] Thanks Mizcu for the tournament. Nice rules ;-)
[Fizmo] bye all
[pkhuong] bye
[metcalf] Cheers
* metcalf was too late...
[pkhuong] and thx for the tourney Mizcu
[metcalf] I'm going to get going too.
[metcalf] Thanks Mizcu.
[Mizcu] *wave*
* metcalf waves :-)