IRC Mini Tournament #05 - Sunday 30 March 2003

Fizmo host's this week's mini tournament, in a tiny 800 cell core. The addressing modes { } < > are disallowed. In total, 6 authors submit a total of 10 warrior, with Jakub Kozisek claiming first place with an impressive 14% lead. If either your browser or yourself doesn't like tables, the results are also available in results.txt. To download all of the compo warriors in one go, just grab (5K).

#%W%L%TName AuthorScore% bishotJakub Kozisek212.44100.0
255.428.416.1 OneshotRoy van Rijn182.44 85.9
336.112.851.1 Humpty IRC5Philip Thorne159.44 75.1
438.924.436.7 GenericMiz153.33 72.2
535.232.132.7 Faster Hack'emSascha Zapf138.33 65.1
629.835.934.3 Bad clearMiz123.67 58.2
715.915.468.7 Dumpty IRC5Philip Thorne116.33 54.8
830.950.019.1 TimeToQuitCodingRoy van Rijn111.78 52.6
912.956.131.0 Fast Hack'emSascha Zapf 69.67 32.8
10 2.350.447.2 HoHumWill 'Varfar' 54.22 25.5

[Fizmo] hi
[Mizcu] hi all
[willvarfa] hi
* Roy is back
[Roy] How long before we start?
[Fizmo] about 10 minutes
[Mizcu] lets see how badly my cold is going to affect my ability
[Fizmo] ;-)
[Roy] Nice rules :)
[willvarfa] cool
[sascha] Oops...How much time?
[Fizmo] tiny hill is dominating by clears and oneshots, so this rule will weaken these strategies ;-)
[Fizmo] 30 minutes
[jakub] gotta code
* sascha is away: coding like mad
[Fizmo] 20 minutes now
[sascha] Best wishes for my entry..
[Fizmo] got your entry, Sascha
[Fizmo] You can enter a second one if you want
[Fizmo] 5 minutes left
[Fizmo] hurry up ;-)
[Fizmo] Still received 1x Sascha Zapf, 1x Philip Thorne
[sascha] Fizmo, please send my first entry to me, i've killed him while creating the second!
[Fizmo] on the way, Sascha
[Roy] Bah, I didn't see the rules said 20 lines before :( I made a P^3 with a clear/oneshot/imppump...
[Roy] Now I only had time to send the oneshot
[willvarfa] got mine?
[Roy] got mine??
[Roy] (this is more stress then Frenzy huh Fiz?)
[Mizcu] two warriors sent in mail
* jakub is ready for las pos.
[Mizcu] (almost) exactly 6 minutes after Fizmo said 5 mins left..
[sascha] Here it is!
[Fizmo] Well, I am collecting all your mails ;-)
[sascha] got the 2nd, fizmo?
[jakub] my code isn't working :)
[jakub] basically it's Fizmo's code
[Fizmo] I got 2x Sascha, 2x Will, 2x Roy, 2x Philip, 2x Mizcu, 1x jakub
[willvarfa] fizmo, I have only one; I sent it again when you didn't say you'd got it
[jakub] just 1 warrior :(. booting between Win and Lin took to much time
[sascha] Why working with both...?
[jakub] sascha: good question
[jakub] on window - internet, linux - cw laboratory
[Fizmo] Ok, if I have all I will now run the tournament
[Philb] Ok so we all done? Anyone had a good idea for gates?
[sascha] I think the most stress is now on fizmo ;-)
[Roy] run it then chris ;)
[Fizmo] ok, done I upload now the thing onto my page
[Fizmo] Arrgghhh, I can't upload that html. I think I must change something inside.....
[Philb] Try moving the 'Thorne' line up 14 rows?
[jakub] Philb: lol
[jakub] Philb: again first !?!
[jakub] just kidding :)
[Philb] This time I'm the imp-man. 30mins is too short for me for anything tricky.
[jakub] yes, I founded nasty bug 1 minute before ending :(
[jakub] Philb: 267?
[Philb] Ja
[jakub] html updated :)
[Fizmo] Congratulation to the winner
[Roy] Grats Jakub!
[Fizmo] I am still work on it
[jakub] Fizmo: congrats Fizmo :)
[Philb] Well-done Jakub & bishot
[Philb] Wow big gap 1-2 & 2-3
[Roy] My oneshot is based on bishot too, we think alike jakub, that P thingy must work now
[willvarfa] congrats Jakub, Roy, Phil :-)
* willvarfa waves
* jakub waves
[Philb] Thanks all, Fizmo [stressful eh]
[Fizmo] Yes ;-) Now I upload all entries
[sascha] Nice end of a long sunday..Thanks fiz
[Philb] Nice presentation for the web-page
[jakub] Fizmo: thanks, nice tournament
[Philb] This was a not-good-for-paper round.
[sascha] the paper's were too slow without the addressings
[jakub] time to go (read: "read logs" :)
[jakub] cya
[Philb] bye
[jakub] nice to be CW+
[Fizmo] bye
[Philb] bye all - I'm off too. Hope these warrirors don't end up on koenigstuhl.
[sascha] O.K. now it's time to leave!
[Fizmo] ;-)