IRC Mini Tournament #06 - Sunday 06 April 2003

This week, Paul V-Khoung organises the tournament. Coresize is a small prime, 211. Competitors have to choose a sub-sequence of up to 20 opcodes from a sequence of 50 and create their warrior using these. Up to three may be changed to nop or dat. Altogether, ten warriors are entered by six players. Schmidt wins with a tiny core-clear, xXx, closely followed by Metcalf and Varfar, also with clears. If either your browser or yourself doesn't like tables, the results are also available in results.txt. To download all of the compo warriors in one go, just grab (5K).

#%W%L%TNameAuthor Score%
165.023.8 11.2xXxChristian Schmidt 206.27100.0
265.427.8 6.8Stress!!!John Metcalf 202.9798.4
364.630.8 4.5hohumWill 'Varfar' 198.4296.2
455.142.6 2.3zZzChristian Schmidt 167.5181.2
549.149.8 1.1AzymuthMiz 148.4272.0
639.137.5 23.4Still CrazyJakub Kozisek140.5768.1
739.0 49.711.229/37 Sascha Zapf128.2962.2
8 27.553.019.5MadMan Jakub Kozisek102.0749.5
9 13.747.838.4I'm the imp manJohn Metcalf79.6238.6
101.256.842.0 impurityWill 'Varfar' 45.6122.1

[jakub] (time -180 seconds and counting)
[Mizcu] this will take more time to read than to figure out something fun..
[pkhuong] i give the instructions, instead of giving the a- and b- fields :)
[Mizcu] i have very ugly feeling about this round..
[sascha] This round is very heavy!
[Mizcu] i dont see any common combination, time for some real improvisation
[pkhuong] remember you may replace any 3 instruction with dat or nop
[Fizmo] First entry is on the way
[pkhuong] ouch :) quick
[metcalf] Argh, stress!
[sascha] First ready
[metcalf] Argh, doesn't work
[Fizmo] second entry is on the way ;-)
[pkhuong] hehe :)
[sascha] Hey Fizmo, how many helpers sitting around you?
[Fizmo] you received 'em? My wife wrote the second one
[pkhuong] yes, lol chris :)
[Fizmo] (just a joke ;-)
[pkhuong] 2 from fizmo, 1 from sascha
[metcalf] One from me? Hope I understood the rules...
[metcalf] Time for one more, methinks
[pkhuong] haven't gotten yours john
[pkhuong] if you want, we can extend the time limit
[pkhuong] everyone agrees for 15 more minutes?
[sascha] o.k
[Mizcu] i do
[jakub] what 15 minutes ?!?
[metcalf] I agree!
[jakub] I don't have time to boot both OSs again :(
[jakub] I have 2 entries
[willvarfa] Greetings All
[pkhuong] will, you would have loved the round
[pkhuong] of course, i got confused with timezones :(
[jakub] pkhoung: yes, I did :)
* willvarfa looks back at tonight's logs..
[metcalf] Will: be quick
[pkhuong] you have erhm... 9 minutes :/
[jakub] and sorry (my hands shaking and so on ...)
[jakub] (I hope that I understood rules)
* jakub is waiting to scroll pvk's results page down and look on the last 2 positions
[jakub] pkhoung: put "reserved" there :)
[pkhuong] they're MINE!!!
[jakub] not this time
[metcalf] Wanna bet?
[jakub] 3 wins in IRCT = 3 hits by flash in the center of Los Angeles
[jakub] those 2 hits almost killed me ;)
[sascha] No second from me!
[Mizcu] mail sent, 1 warrior
[pkhuong] come on sascha: you still have 2 minutes to submit something random people :)
[pkhuong] i'm sure there's a tiny wimp just waiting to be submitted or something :D
[jakub] sascha: put SPL from table there ::hint::
[jakub] ooops :)
[metcalf] Hmmm... hints!
[metcalf] Too late now!
[jakub] fortunately
[pkhuong] !time - anyone submitting now? PM me
[sascha] Speedredcoding with such rules! Too much for me
[Fizmo] ;-)
[jakub] so what are your entries?
[metcalf] Anyone manage paper then?
[metcalf] Anyone enter a clear? ;-)
[jakub] mine: bi-clear and something like stone+clear
[jakub] metcalf: :(
[Fizmo] I sent two suicidal clears
[jakub] metcalf: you have paper?
[Mizcu] clears must be pop now
[pkhuong] So far, i have: fizmo's 2 warriors, metcalf's 2, sascha's 1, jakub's 1
[jakub] sascha: don't forget: "reserved" there !!!
[metcalf] No, no paper!
[sascha] i missed the ldp in the table ;-)
[metcalf] It was tricky, with 211 being prime :-)
[jakub] metcalf: yes, so I used small steps
[jakub] metcalf: I spend 3 minutes figuring how can I divide it :)
[jakub] has anybody Q^4 -> boot -> airbag stone?
[metcalf] Jakub: couldn't fit in the Q^4
[metcalf] Got one of those bits though...
[jakub] I could - it's tiny core
[willvarfa] metcalf: spot the obvious Q^5 then?
* metcalf didn't
[jakub] not so many locations to scan
[metcalf] Anyone make a scanner then?
[jakub] metcalf: I hope that someone did :)
[sascha] i have tried to scan with sequence 36-49
[sascha] but after some time i missed the moves to kill..
[jakub] this was very fast round
[jakub] not so many things to think about if you've chosen the sequence :)
[metcalf] I entered: 1) Booted clear, 2) Imp
[jakub] metcalf: hope that my clear is anti-imp (but I'm not sure )
[jakub] metcalf: booted clear? what clear?
[metcalf] D-Clear
[jakub] I used 13-19 clear
[jakub] and 2-9 stone
[sascha] oh...17-19 a nice d-clear possible
* jakub is blind redcoder :(
[pkhuong] 2 by metcalf, 2 by fizmo, 1 by sascha, 2 by jakub, 2 by willvarfa 1 by mizcu
[Fizmo] I used a 26-33 clear :-/
[jakub] Fizmo: :) (<-- for you)
[pkhuong] results up in 2 minutes :)
[pkhuong] *** RESULTS ARE UP ***
[jakub] Fizmo!
[metcalf] Yay - way to go with xXx
[jakub] Congrats!
[Fizmo] thx :)
[jakub] I had too complicated warriors :(
[Fizmo] I have never expected that result
[Philb] Congrat's Fizmo. Wow, JM only 2 but the code ... impressive.
[jakub] look at that small gaps !!!
[jakub] Congrats John. Congrats Will
[metcalf] Thanks Jakub
[metcalf] Might have been worth having a quick bombing type attack... using mul, add, mov and whatever was there!
* jakub has craziest warriors there :)
[willvarfa] congrats Christian, John, All
[metcalf] Thanks PVK, a tricky, but enjoyable round...
[pkhuong] thanks you :) hope it was fun
[metcalf] Phew, I was getting stressed by TIME-10mins when I didn't have anything...
[Fizmo] Yes, Sascha
[jakub] hi joonas
[metcalf] I couldn't find a spl/mov/djn close enough together to use
[pkhuong] hey joonas
[joonas] hi everyone
[willvarfa] Hi joonas
[metcalf] Joonas:
* joonas curses
[joonas] I missed it again :(
[joonas] congratulations fiz
[jakub] time to go
[joonas] bye
* metcalf waves
[jakub] pkhoung: nice tournament
* jakub waves
[sascha] O.K. cu next week!
* jakub waves again :)
* willvarfa waves too late
[Roy] Hello
[Metcalf] Hi Roy.
[Roy] Did I miss it? :)
[Roy] Damn, good thing I missed that
[Roy] A stressy round I suspect
[pkhoung] hehe :)
* willvarfa must go again, this time for real!
* Metcalf waves
[willvarfa] and I'll see about winning next week..
* willvarfa waves
[Metcalf] I suppose I ought to get going then :-(
[Roy] Bye!
[Fizmo] bye
* Roy waves
* Metcalf waves!