IRC Mini Tournament #07 - Sunday 13 April 2003

Sascha hosts this week's tournament, which take place in the 800 cell tiny core. Entries are not allowed to use the opcodes jmz, jmn or djn. Usage of spl and jmp is restricted, see the rules for full details. Eight Redcoders enter a total of fourteen warriors, with John Metcalf's paper taking first place. Second and Third places go to one-shots from Jakub Kozisek and Roy van Rijn.

Two of the entries did not follow the rules precisely. Since no great advantage was gained by the oversight, no-one suggested they should be disqualified - a tribute to the friendly environment in which these tournaments take place. Sascha also provides details of each individual battle - individ.txt. The original results page is available in original.htm. If either your browser or yourself doesn't like tables, the results are also available in results.txt. To download all of the compo warriors in one go, just grab (12K).

#%W%L%TName AuthorScore%
168.515.116.4 the paper without a nameJohn Metcalf222.00100.0 Cut, cutJakub Kozisek183.1582.5
360.339.30.4 R1Roy van Rijn181.3181.7
451.547.60.8 Clear?Lukasz Adamowski155.4670.0
547.339.313.4 ClearmoreLukasz Adamowski155.3170.0
649.350.60.1 Irc7_AlphaMiz148.0066.7
748.850.70.5 R2Roy van Rijn146.8566.1
839.738.222.2 Irc7_BetaMiz141.2363.6
940.649.310.1 dclearWill 'Varfar'131.9259.4
1042.657.20.2 Mr. ProperJakub Kozisek128.0857.7
1134.545.320.2 Quick Coding!John Metcalf123.7755.8
1239.858.41.8 inSaNeChristian Schmidt121.3154.6
1336.563.10.5 cRaZyChristian Schmidt109.8549.5
1435.664.20.2 fooJoonas107.0048.2

[Roy] Hello
[jakub] hi
[sascha] O.K, all sitting at your Desktops?
[joonas] ready
* jakub is ready to reboot :)
[Fizmo] ready
* metcalf starts looking for notepad, pen and calculator...
[sascha] Ready... steady...
[sascha] 30 minutes time limit
[Roy] lol, I was thinking about jump limits this morning :)
[Mizcu] hmm.. non-looping match
[sascha] Now, i'm getting nervous!
[sascha] O.K. one jmp XOR one spl
[metcalf] Am I allowed to modify the SPL or JMP?
[joonas] can I copy the jump?
[sascha] the modifiers are fixed but you can change the value, the b-field and copy the instruction. if you want
[sascha] yes, joonas
[joonas] thanks
[willvarfa] ah right, the world is open!
[sascha] Your World is 20 instruction wide!
[joonas] and 20 minutes long
[Fizmo] ok, both entries sent ;->
[adamow] OK, I've just sent first entry
[adamow] How much time left?
[sascha] started at 21:04 my time, now it's 21:21 15 minutes left
[sascha] Come on Boys...
[metcalf] Argh, just deleted my 2nd entry
[metcalf] Phew, last minute imp entry!
[Mizcu] i have done both, just putting ;-lines
[sascha] i have 2*fiz, 2*john, one roy, one will, one lukasz
[joonas] one joonas?
[sascha] not yet!
[jakub] 2 jakub?
[Fizmo] Well, I think this time I will score quite low ;-( This time I had no ideas and the best ideas came when it was too late....
[Roy] I had one great idea, and it worked, now it depends on what you all send
[Roy] And second one is just a plain old clear, simple/basic/safe?
[jakub] Roy: I have one too :)
[jakub] and oneshot
[Roy] My first one is a oneshot, if youre still coding put in a decoy!
[joonas] what are your steps?
[Roy] Now we have to wait and see who has the best of each :)
[jakub] joonas: :)
[Roy] Just be patient joonas :-P
[Roy] My oneshot is .66c
* joonas thinks he should have had a bigger scan step
[Fizmo] I have a clear and a kind of a stone
[Roy] and bombs at .66c too
* metcalf thinks he shouldn't be relying on his paper
[Roy] I was trying to make one, but I gave up because I coudn't get the spl to mutate into spl @0 :)
[joonas] roy: spl XXX, 0 / mov >-1, }-1
[Fizmo] Well, I think I will score _very_low this time....
[sascha] O.K 2*roy 2*lukasz 2*chris 2*jakub 2*john 2*mizcu 1*joonas 1*will...O.K.????
[Roy] My second entry is bleh, I'm so dumb, I designed it to steal points from my first! Dumb!!!
[sascha] O.K....start the script!
[Fizmo] :)
* jakub is nervous
[joonas] queue galloping horses
[metcalf] 14 warriors, that's smashes the previous record of 13 entries :-)
[sascha] congrats to the winners
[metcalf] That was amazingly fast! :-)
[joonas] again with the last place. :/
[Fizmo] congratulation
[joonas] congratulations john
[jakub] congrats john
[willvarfa] congrats John!
[willvarfa] can we see the source?
[Roy] Grats John
[metcalf] Thanks, I am amazed... expecting a bad result...
[willvarfa] been nice got to go! cya all
[Roy] bye
[sascha] bye will
* jakub waves :(
[Roy] it WAS allowed to use both spl and jmp in one warrior?
[sascha] who does it?
[Roy] will + jakub + uuhmm..
[jakub] :(
[Roy] Cheaters ;-)
[Fizmo] :)
[Roy] (Now i'm not the only one caught cheating in the mini tourns ;-))
[jakub] sascha: good work
[jakub] metcalf: realy cool paper
[metcalf] Very nice, having the results of individual battles
[jakub] metcalf: your lead is most impressive :)
[sascha] 20% gap for the 2nd
[metcalf] Jakub: thanks, I was lucky to meet lots of single process warriors.
[Roy] It was fun, thanks Sascha, especially for the super quick results!
[sascha] Happy that all goes right!
[jakub] sascha: yes, that was cool
[joonas] sascha: yes, thanks. it was fun.
[joonas] I wasn't nearly as stressed out as I was the first time.
[jakub] time to go (and say the results to my nervous parents :)
[sascha] The stress is the kick in the mini's
[jakub] cya
[joonas] bye
[metcalf] Yes, a good idea. Made it difficult to take some code from Koenigstuhl to use...
[metcalf] Cheers
[Fizmo] Thanks Sascha, it was a really nice rule
[sascha] O.K, cu next week under roy's rules!
[Roy] bye'll!
[Fizmo] bye
[metcalf] Enjoyed tonights tournament, less stressful for me...
* metcalf waves