IRC Mini Tournament #08 - Sunday 20 April 2003

Roy hosts this week's tournament, which takes place once again in the tiny 800 cell core. Entries must be exactly five instructions long, with execution beginning at the fourth instruction. The warriors must also battle with their instructions reversed! Execution always begins at the fourth instruction. Six authors submit a total of nine warriors. John Metcalf's 29th minute warrior takes first place. If either your browser or yourself doesn't like tables, the results are also available in results.txt. To download all of the compo warriors in one go, just grab (7K).

Total Points:

#NameAuthorPart 1Part 2Total%
129th minute warriorJohn Metcalf86.5100.0186.5100.0
2C.L.R.Christian Schmidt100.040.3140.375.2
3Clear-O-MaticSascha Zapf56.174.3130.469.9
4Mismade lobotomyMiz40.973.6114.561.4
5paw-printsimon wainwright48.660.9109.558.7
6TopsyTurvyPhilip Thorne54.048.2102.254.8
7I.M.P.Christian Schmidt48.
8El fataleSascha Zapf28.436.464.834.7
9TaintedJohn Metcalf41.30.041.322.1

Part 1 - Standard:

#%W%L%TName AuthorScore%
173.19.517.4 C.L.R.Christian Schmidt236.75100.0
261.919.019.1 29th minute warriorJohn Metcalf204.7586.5
334.536.129.4 Clear-O-MaticSascha Zapf132.8856.1
436.545.318.3 TopsyTurvyPhilip Thorne127.7554.0
529.644.126.3 paw-printsimon wainwright115.1348.6
69.65.684.8 I.M.P.Christian Schmidt113.6348.0
710.422.966.8 TaintedJohn Metcalf97.8841.3
823.650.525.9 Mismade lobotomyMiz96.7540.9
913.559.826.8 El fataleSascha Zapf67.2528.4

Part 2 - Reversed:

#%W%L%TName AuthorScore% 29th minute warrior reversedJohn Metcalf268.88100.0
261.523.115.4 Clear-O-Matic reversedSascha Zapf199.8874.3
362.527.010.5 Mismade lobotomy reversedMiz198.0073.6
450.837.611.6 paw-print reversedsimon wainwright163.8860.9
540.150.69.3 TopsyTurvy reversedPhilip Thorne129.6348.2
625.041.633.4 C.L.R. reversedChristian Schmidt108.3840.3
722.847.629.6 El fatale reversedSascha Zapf97.8836.4
812.631.056.4 I.M.P. reversedChristian Schmidt94.2535.1
90.0100.00.0 Tainted reversedJohn Metcalf0.000.0

[Fizmo] hi
[metcalf] I hope you have something in mind which even I can manage in 30 minutes ;-)
[Roy] Sure, its not that hard!
[Mizcu] *mind erased before tournament for few minutes*
[Roy] Ok, NOW we can start :-)
[Philb] Hi - late?
[Roy] I was just getting ready to start the tournament, right on time
[Roy] ok, listen up:
[Roy] this is the command line:
[Roy] pmars -F 222 -r 100 -s 800 -p 8000 -c 8000 -l 5 -d 10 -b -k
[Roy] fixed length 5, but wait! There is something special:
[Roy] All warriors start at line no. 4
[Roy] AND the tournament is run twice, one time normal, the other time the warrior is turned the other way around, also starting at 4
* metcalf is thinking already
[Roy] if the warrior NOP 1,1/NOP 2,2/NOP 3,3/NOP 4,4/NOP 5,5 first starts at NOP 4,4, and in the second part the warrior is NOP 5,5/NOP 4,4/NOP 3,3/NOP 2,2/NOP 1,1 and it starts at NOP 2,2
[Roy] (remember it is compiled code that is switched for the second part)
* Philb run, run, run, run, run away
[Mizcu] this will be painful one.. dont say that we are allowed to misuse that -F?
[Roy] we start...NOW! 30min left
[Fizmo] Roy: First entry is on the way. Plz check if I understood the startline in the right way
* metcalf IS IN A PANIC
[sascha] first on the way!
[Roy] Got your entry too simon ;)
[Roy] (he reads the log and enters, how great!)
[metcalf] Argh, me has nothing at half time :-( help!
[Roy] I only have 2 entries! Sascha and Fizmo 1, and Simon 1/2
[Roy] 13min left...
[Fizmo] second entry is on the way ;-)
[Fizmo] Well, nothing good, but have now time to go for a beer ;-)
[Mizcu] this is hard..
[Roy] Well, its sweat night as always
[Roy] Sascha 2, Fizmo 2, Metcalf 1, Simon .5 ?
[metcalf] Why .5?
[sascha] Ehh, i want to code .5 too!
[Roy] I don't think he got the rules right, the second starts at a dat
[sascha] 2% Win on the 94nop!
[Roy] Well, if you score 100% with the normal warrior, and 2% with the reversed version...51%, still a nice score
[metcalf] How long, nearly done
[Roy] -1min :)
[sascha] 59... 58... 57...
[sascha] Just difficult to implement a paper with this rules, john?
[metcalf] Yeah, tricky. I tried
[Philb] Just 1 from me
[Roy] Anyone not ready yet?
[Roy] Then I must figure out how to combine the scores of the two warriors.. (help?)
[Philb] Ach , a clear-pair is easy.
[metcalf] I'm still not sure I understand the rules :-/
[Roy] ---Closed---
[metcalf] Phew, great idea Roy, very tricky.
[Roy] BrB!
[Fizmo] Well, I just make sure that my entries don't suicide if run in reversed order. But it was a great idea, Roy
[metcalf] Hmmm... my warriors won't work when reversed...
[metcalf] Argh, and one of them only worked when reversed so doesn't work at all :-(
[sascha] First Place in the "not understandable rules-tournament" : Roy
[metcalf] Checking what my entries do now!
[Philb] It's around about now that Roy discovers he doesn't have a script to reverse the code :-)
[Roy] No, I was just eating some icecream :)
[sascha] First was a stone, second a suicidal clear
[sascha] One Suicide from Fiz, Metcalf's won't work, my chaces are increasing!
[Roy] I now have: Sascha(2), Fizmo(2), Metcalf(2), Mizcu(1), Philb(1), Simon(1)
[metcalf] I would have had: 1) reversible imp spiral / imp 2) reversible d-clear :-/
[metcalf] 3 cheers for stress factor 10
[Roy] Ok...scores are ready. uploading them now!
[Roy] Normal round: 1st Fizmo, 2nd Metcalf, 3rd Sascha
[Roy] Reversed: 1st Metcalf, 2nd Sascha, 3rd Miz
[Fizmo] and the overall winner is?
[sascha] For a Warrior that won't work reversed it's very good, john!
[sascha] Now i'm getting nervous! 2nd or 3rd place for me?
[Fizmo] d-clear (suicidal in rev.order?) and an imp-throwing stone with imp-save
[Mizcu] sort of replication/sort of clear
[Mizcu] because of ugly mistake i made clear/nightmaresplitter -> clear. oh well, cant get everything.
[Roy] The total winners: 1st Metcalf, 2nd Fizmo, 3rd Zapf
[metcalf] :-) A big surprise
[Fizmo] congratulation, John
[Philb] Congrat's John/ Fizmo um, everyone
[Roy] Lots of stress?
[metcalf] Yes...
[Mizcu] endorphine rush
[Fizmo] ;-)
[Roy] Mizcu had cool scores, his normal warrior was second last, but the reversed was third :)
[sascha] Very nice round.
[Mizcu] Roy: no wonder its name was *mismade* lobotomy ;)
[Roy] Well, if someone just flipped around a dclear, maybe they had won only the last round, but still, 100% is a high score
[Philb] Roy, nice round
[Roy] And that without preperation (it didn't show did it? :P)
[metcalf] Yes, definitely was an interesting round... challenging
[Fizmo] That was a really crazy round
[Philb] G'night Simon. Everyone. Seeya
* Roy is leaving, until next week my friends!
[sascha] O.K, time to next week!
[Fizmo] 84.8% ties with I.M.P. ;-)
[Fizmo] ok, I have to go now. Again I have enjoyed the IRC tournament. bye
[pkhuong] good nite :)
[metcalf] Good night
* metcalf waves