IRC Mini Tournament #09 - Sunday 27 April 2003

The 9th Sunday tournament takes place in a 2520 cell core, with each battle being a multi-warrior fight between three warriors. The only permitted addressing modes are <, {, } and >. Altogether, eight authors enter a total of twelve warriors, making 220 combinations. Christian Schmidt's evolved warriors claim the first two places with a very impressive lead. If either your browser or yourself doesn't like tables, the results are also available in results.txt. To download all of the compo warriors in one go, just grab (9K).

#%W%L%T2%T3Name AuthorScore%
160.4 20.517.41.8Evolving Evil 2Christian Schmidt519.42100.0
251.627.119.31.9 Evolving EvilChristian Schmidt 453.4587.3
333.766.2 0.10.0Elbereth bvowk269.9452.0
429.3 53.715.02.0entry twoSascha Zapf266.7051.3
526. overboardRoy van Rijn238.91 46.0
626.873.10.1 0.0contageousbvowk 214.7041.3
724.370.3 4.50.8self assured Roy van Rijn204.3339.3
8 24.775.10.20.0 sullenSimon Wainwright197.7338.1
920.970.08.20.8 The Panic In MeWill Varfar 184.7935.6
1016.864.8 16.22.1headache tomorrow Miz169.3032.6
1117.3 IRC9Philip Thorne151.3929.1
1211. Fool's StoneSascha Zapf97.76 18.8

[Mizcu] hi 'y all \o/
[Fizmo] hi
[willvarfa] hi
[sascha] Who is the Organizer this Week?
* willvarfa wonders why no-one wants to own-up?
[metcalf] Okay, it's me! :-)
[roy] Hello
[Philb] Hi all
[sascha] Hi Phil..
[metcalf] Right then,
[Fizmo] pShell and pMars loaded
[roy] not ready (yet) :(
[Mizcu] hmm, inverted round, again
[metcalf] addressing modes < { } > allowed. No other addressing modes permitted.
[Fizmo] booaaaaaa, tricky.........
[roy] inverted??
[Mizcu] roy: we just had NO <{}> some time ago
[metcalf] No questions? Okay time begins . . . . . . . NOW!
[metcalf] 20 minutes remaining
[metcalf] If you don't have time to give it a ;redcode ;name ;author ;assert I will add those :-)
[Mizcu] fun, 0 lines of code written
[bvowk] ?!
[metcalf] Hi bvowk, we've already started
[bvowk] Hello :)
[Philb] Hello bvowk of 94x :-)
[Fizmo] First entry on the way, John
[Philb] First on way.
[metcalf] Time is about up, but if anyone is still working (most of you I think) an extension is allowed (if everyone agrees)
[sascha] Entry on the way..
[sascha] No Brain for a second, John you really must hate us!
[metcalf] Oh, I though it sounded fairly easy :-)
[metcalf] Everyone could surely make a 2 line clear!
[Fizmo] phew.... a 20-liner and a 26-liner :>
[Fizmo] cooling my finger now in ice water....... ;-)
[sascha] Puhh, hardest round so far!
[bvowk] ok, I tossed in one entry..
[Philb] Got lost again - I'm done [1 entry for me]
[metcalf] Okay, Philb (1), Fizmo (2), Sascha (1+1 on way), Will (1), Simon Logreader (1)
[Fizmo] I had just one stupid idea but don't know how good it is, because I optimized it just against previous versions of it
[Roy] Is it time already!?!?!
* Roy is sending!!
[Mizcu] finally got something ready..
[metcalf] Okay, time will be called in 4 minutes, after than, no more entries!
[Roy] and john, this was NOT less stress, and I didn't make good warriors :'(
[Mizcu] these have habit of going towards worse even if we try something simpler?
[sascha] Any invalid Warriors?
[metcalf] You should have stuck to single process warriors, you can make a bomber or scissors. Also, paper is possible
[Roy] I tried a paper, but I didn't get it to work. the problem is the spl @0 again :)
[Philb] Hey no-one told me to use single process ;-)
[metcalf] Okay, all done?
[Roy] Roy(2) then i'm done :)
[metcalf] Okay, closed, about to run :-)
[Roy] I'm curious about the names I got :-P
[sascha] curious for the results, hard but nice round!
[metcalf] Results are now online, phew
[metcalf] Congratulations, Dave Hillis would be proud :-)
[Fizmo] 8->
[sascha] Hey, Place four is O.K, Place two under the handmade Warriors is very good. Hey Fiz trying to be an evolver
[Fizmo] thx. The only idea I had
[Philb] Well done Fizmo, uh everyone!
[metcalf] Christian Schmidt wins with 100%, also 2nd with 87.3%
[metcalf] 3rd is Bvowk with the first hand-written warrior, and 52.0%
[willvarfa] congrats Fizmo!!!
[metcalf] 30 minute evolved warriors have double the points of the best hand-written warrior, amazing!
[Fizmo] Well, I took an already evolved warrior and tweaked it a bit to conform to the rules, and added some more lines
[Roy] Nice Chris :)
[Fizmo] thx
[metcalf] Looks like a paper :-)
[bvowk] Anyways, I've got to be going. Thanks for the contest, Thanks for the invite metcalf, hopefully I'll have more time next week :)
[metcalf] Thanks for taking part
[willvarfa] ok folks, been nice, congrats Fizmo
* willvarfa waves to everyone
[Roy] gotta go, bye!
[grabun] Sunday nights, love them or hate them ;-)
[grabun] Bye all
* grabun waves
[grabun] bye
[sascha] See you all...