IRC Mini Tournament #10 - Sunday 04 May 2003

This week Christian Schmidt organises the tournament, placing us in the tiny core without .I or #. Ten authors enter a total of seventeen warriors, with John Metcalf's oneshot taking first place closely followed by Roy van Rijn, also with a oneshot. Round 2 of Ian Oversby's Autumn Corewar Tournament used almost identical rules. Check combined.txt to see how the entries from the two tournaments perform together. If either your browser or yourself doesn't like tables, the results are also available in results.txt. To download all of the compo warriors in one go, just grab (12K).

#%W%L%TName AuthorScore%
177.414.87.8 unnoticedJohn Metcalf240.09100.0 AdderOnshotRoy van Rijn226.9194.5
368.826.94.3 OoS.F ;-)John Metcalf210.6987.8
460.637.71.8 We goMiz183.4776.4
552.337.210.5 Pointer-PatcherSascha Zapf167.4369.7
647.127.025.9 Foobarbvowk167.2369.6
748.633.617.8 one five onebvowk163.5968.1
845.547.66.9 WandererJakub Kozisek143.4459.7
942.051.86.3 a brainless herring 2jaska tyni132.1955.1
1035.639.025.4 ParaClearRoy van Rijn132.1655.0
1141.851.46.8 a brainless herringjaska tyni132.0955.0
1240.853.85.4 halfadderHurkyl127.6953.2
1335.146.118.8 Burning SkinLukasz Adamowski124.1351.7
1433.352.414.3 Lard IRC10Philip Thorne114.0947.5
1528.252.119.8 3 and 3Lukasz Adamowski104.3143.4
167.071.821.3 JITJakub Kozisek42.1917.6
179.584.36.3 Suck-O-MaticSascha Zapf34.7514.5

[Hurkyl] Hi all!
[roy] Hi'll
[adamow] Hi!
[bvowk] greetings from the tim hortons (coffee shop) in the students union building :)
[Fizmo] ok, everybody ready to start the tournament?
[jaska] i'll just spectate :D
[jakub] isn't this record?!?
[adamow] OK, time to do something crazy ;]
[metcalf] this week's IRC rules: addressing modes <{}> only, -1, 0, 1 in the compiled warrior only, your opcodes must be chosen from a given sequence, and your warrior must also run backwards! ;-)
[metcalf] Only joking, sorry...
[Fizmo] ok, now. Here are the rules
[roy] Nice rules :)
[adamow] I had bad feelings... But after reading whole the text it doesn't seem to be so hard
[metcalf] Jaska: not really a spectator's sport?
[jaska] :) actually im trying something
[metcalf] All the fun starts when we've finished coding
[Fizmo] Got an e-mail from Mizcu
[metcalf] First entry sent :-)
[sascha] 1st away
[Fizmo] His IRC doesn't work, so he is watching this event by Jakubs log-file ;-)
* jaska mailed two really stupid things
[jaska] atleast nobody of you will be last :)
[Fizmo] SZ 1, JM 1, LA 1, JT 2
[roy] time time??
[Fizmo] some few minutes
[Fizmo] Hurry up, hurry up
[roy] Sent! what did everybody make?
[roy] I made a parasiteclear and a add-oneshot
[Mizcu] scorefest for others
[sascha] Vampire and Pointer-twister
[bvowk] am I outta time yet?
[Fizmo] no. send it
[Philb] Anyone airbag? [I didn't]
[Hurkyl] I was too busy trying to get mine to avoid suicide! Bleh!
[metcalf] Did anyone enter a warrior like Genetic Beef then?
[roy] spl/add.f/add.f/djn.f clear
[Philb] I predict one-shot wins.
[jakub] Philb: I hope so ;)
[Philb] Normal scanner [over oneshot] is pointless
[Philb] Stones seem to do worse than scanner in tiny core.
[metcalf] Philb: are you calling my entry pointless? Grrrr!
[Fizmo] 17 entries
[Fizmo] ok, I let the tournament run
[Philb] Well I have a couple of mins to talk nonsense before the sad truth emerges :-)
[roy] 17 entries -> new record?
* jaska predicts 16. and 17.
[Philb] John why would you use normal scanner over oneshot?
[Philb] To counter parasites?
[roy] Philb -> to NOT be triggered by decoys?
[metcalf] Philb:
* adamow is gonna be 7th and 13th ;]
[Philb] Argh I didn't realise no seq.i
[metcalf] Hopefully Christian replaced any .i in submitted warriors with .f :-)
[roy] Ow...I may have sne.i then, just change it into .f :)
[metcalf] Cheat!
[sascha] seq.x is better then seq.f against reflectioned Warriors!
[metcalf] :-/ yes, I should have used seq.x instead of .f
[Philb] Hmm "The results from round 2 were very interesting. Joonas won easily with an invisible, self-repairing, bi-directional, genetically generated core-clear. This scored 91% wins. He sent detailed comments with his code which are included with the authors' comments and strategy lines."
[metcalf] And second place was a blur-scanner ;-)
[metcalf] So, what did everyone enter? I have 1) oneshot with d-clear and 2) scanner -> d-clear
[Philb] Genetic Beef is cool
[jaska] i guess mine are some sort of clears
[adamow] Airbagged DJN-stream and two-pass multiprocess stone
[sascha] I have an Vampire, and somewhat that twisting pointers in the opponents
[jakub] poor bishot, and another very poor entry (done in 50 seconds :)
[Hurkyl] I had an add / b field decrement bomber
[Mizcu] EWG-derivate, too suicidal to be useful
[roy] Parasiteclear and a Oneshot/weird clear
[metcalf] Suicidal is okay, providing you wipe core first :-)
[Roy] Beef beats me up bigtime, I hope nobody did something like that :)
[Mizcu] beef beats my current warrior 100%..
[metcalf] GB trashes my warriors too, if that makes you feel any better
[Roy] 92/8/0 Beef - myOneshot
[Roy] 92/1/7 Beef - Paraclear
[sascha] 77/21/2 gb - 2nd entry
[metcalf] 97/1/2 GB against 1st entry, 98/0/2 against 2nd entry!
[Fizmo] BTW, this kind of round was first done in Ian Oversby's Corewar Tournament 1998 ;-)
[Fizmo] Joonas won this round with a very big lead over the second
[Fizmo] *** THE RESULTS ARE UP ***
[Roy] btw. did anyone evolve something this round?
[Fizmo] Congratulation to the winner
[bvowk] I tried.. but I think I failed badly :)
[jaska] 9.&11.
[Roy] Aw, pretty close ;)
[Hurkyl] Wow, mine wasn't as bad as I thought it was
[jakub] metcalf: congrats
[jakub] roy: congrats
[metcalf] Oh, a nice surprise :-) Thanks.
[Roy] Metcalf, what stepsize did you use? :)
[jakub] metcalf: congrats ;)
[Philb] well done John/Roy/Miz/everyone [hmm seems familiar]
[Roy] Yeah, my warrior got the most ties :P
[metcalf] Hey, some good results from everyone :-) Nice one
[jakub] adamow: nice score from your 2nd entry ;)
[metcalf] Great round, thanks Fizmo
[Roy] Nice rules indeed!
[sascha] And again, my 2nd is better then the first
[Hurkyl] Yah, I enjoyed it too! And thanks for the invite as well
[Roy] Next week, same time, new rules!
[Fizmo] boaaa, that was really stressfull this time ;-)
[jaska] heh, i didnt stress one bit
* Roy aves at all of you!
* Hurkyl aves at Roy
[jakub] time to go, cya all and thanks for nice round
* metcalf waves to jakub
* Hurkyl waves
[Hurkyl] I'm off, bye all!
* Hurkyl waves
[bvowk] so how do you guys find good warriors to test against in 30 minutes?
[bvowk] thats my major problem..
[metcalf] Bvowk: often I don't test, just check it works via pmars
[bvowk] because today I tried taking a few thousand published warriors, rewrote them within the rules, threw away the ones that didn't work then did a parallel test and took the top 10 for testing
[willvarfa] cool idea
[bvowk] took about 20 minutes, which was longer than I hoped
[bvowk] even with the 30 processors I had going
* willvarfa must go
[willvarfa] cya all!
[bvowk] and then I used 10 minutes to churn out my warriors
[metcalf] bvowk: impressive approach
[Mizcu] i'll be going
[grabun] zzzzzz....
* grabun wakes suddenly! Time I went to bed, no?
[Fizmo] yes ;-)
[grabun] ok then. good night, zzzzzzz
[Fizmo] good night
* grabun waves happily...
[Fizmo] bye
[metcalf] Nice to see you again...
[bvowk] Its fun :)
* metcalf waves
[metcalf] Cheers