IRC Mini Tournament #11 - Sunday 11 May 2003

Lukasz Grabun hosts the 11th contest within an 8192 cell core, under restricted '88 rules. The instructions available are limited to just six, mov, add, jmp, spl, cmp and dat. Nine authors enter thirteen warriors in total, with John Metcalf taking the first two places with an imp spiral and a oneshot. Third and fourth places are taken by Jakub and Lukasz, also with spirals, followed by Phil with a vampire/imp! Round 9 of Nandor and Stefan's Tournament used similar rules. Check combined.txt to see how the entries from the two tournaments perform together. If either your browser or yourself doesn't like tables, the original results are available in results.txt. To download all of the compo warriors in one go, just grab (9K).

#%W%L%TName AuthorScore%
142157Catch the Heffalump! John Metcalf182.86100.0
2452134that strange 176-bug John Metcalf169.4092.6
336360JAI Jakub Kozisek169.0992.5
436460Imp Spiral Lukasz Adamowski168.7192.3
536361Halfway Home IRC11 Philip Thorne167.7791.8
6175788another8 Miz 128.4370.2
7314227LamerBomb Sascha Zapf120.4065.8
88389fizImp Christian Schmidt111.8361.2
9295615DoubleBullet Lukasz Adamowski102.5456.1
10254926Wimpy Clear Jakub Kozisek101.7155.6
11225325Fast bomber David Houston91.1749.9
12226612fizSimple Christian Schmidt78.4342.9
13196318aaa mj75.7741.4

[grabun] ok, four minutes left
[grabun] Ok, two entries this week as usual
[grabun] Maximum of 100 lines
* Miz has a promisingly evil feeling at back of the head
[grabun] Rules are at
[adamow] Cavalry arrived! ;]
[Fizmo] oh, no '88 rules
[Hurkyl] how's '88 different?
[adamow] '88 has no *, {, },>
[Miz] nothing fun *g*
* metcalf begins!
[adamow] So, let's dance! ;]
[sascha] Oh, i've never written something for 88'er
[grabun] 30 minutes from now
[adamow] Don't panic, sascha, it's not so hard
[metcalf] 1st entry sent
[grabun] Already?
[Miz] mizcu doesnt know a damn thing about '88-coding. Oh well..
[grabun] half-time
[adamow] I've sent first entry. It's not good, I'm afraid
[sascha] first send, how much time left?
[grabun] 4 minutes
[Fizmo] first entry sent
[adamow] Second sent!
[adamow] Sorry to say, but this one is stolen :[
[Hurkyl] bah, mine's invalid
[metcalf] Phew, 2nd sent.
[metcalf] Can't any invalid entries be made valid?
[metcalf] Especially if it's just a dat without # thing
[Hurkyl] I relied on djn =\
[Fizmo] 2nd sent. wow, I will score quite badly today :(
[jakub] I have valid entry, but its full of bugs
[grabun] Adamow: 2 - Kozisek: 2 - Fizmo: 2 - Hurkyl: 1 - Metcalf: 2 - Janeczek: 1 - Mizcu: 1 - Sascha: 1 - Thorne: 1
[grabun] Is that correct?
[jakub] :)
[grabun] session closed
[jakub] grabun: Kozisek?!? I'm jakub! :)
[metcalf] 9 players, 13 warriors :-)
[Miz] humm, last minute optimization possibility found, but not anything that would've affected my scores too badly
[sascha] unexpected rules!
[metcalf] Yeah. I though Lukasz might have a white warrior round for us :-) never expected 88
[grabun] I was thinking 'bout white warrior, yes
[Philb] If I checked correctly this was re-run of Nandor & Stefans' R9. So possible to pull warriors direct off icws hill.
[metcalf] Yeah, I remember, Macrae did really well.
[Philb] Which I resisted [even though I know One Fat Lady to be strong]
[jakub] that was my 1st 88 warrior :-\
[grabun] ok, give me 10 minutes
[Roy] Whaa!! we are started!! :-O
[Roy] I was walking my dog!!
[Hurkyl] doh!
[sascha] How many "stolen" Warriors this week?
[grabun] Running
[jakub] not mine, unfortunately
[Philb] Given that Nothing Special & Turkey comply and are at/near top of the ICWS K-hill I expect many
[metcalf] I didn't steal anything and I have 1) 5 point spiral, 2) oneshot
[sascha] I couldn't get my spiral running in time!
[grabun] 40%
[grabun] plenty of ties, no?
[Fizmo] Ohh, I've overlooked the -s 8192
[grabun] lol
[metcalf] Fizmo: hope you didn't have imps then!
[Hurkyl] yah, the power of 2 core size was a little tricky
[jakub] what was the way to kill imps?
[grabun] The round was as to encourage you to get onto ICWS hill, as well as on 88
[Fizmo] ohh, no. Yes, my second entry was a imp....
[Fizmo] But just with mov 0, 1 ;-)
[grabun] Ow, ok, I think I know who's the winner
[grabun] ok -
[grabun] Congrats to John, the first two places taker
[metcalf] Oh :-)
[Hurkyl] grats!
[michal] hehe
[metcalf] Sorry all :-(
[sascha] Congrats John,
[Miz] maybe i should've still tried to use clear at the end..
[willvarfa] congrats john
[Fizmo] Congrats
[jakub] congrats John
[Philb] Well done John
[jakub] hehe, small gap between 2nd and 3rd ;)
[Hurkyl] yah, 2-5 close
[metcalf] Thanks... It was quite tricky this time. I wasn't sure if I had time to make a paper, so I went for a one-shot instead.
[sascha] only 1% losses
[grabun] Ok, thank you for taking part
[willvarfa] so john, where is the 176?
[metcalf] 176? Ask Philb :-)
[Philb] metcalf - ha. you know I found it. [my bug of-course]
[sascha] O.K. time to leave...CU next week!
* metcalf waves
[Hurkyl] bye!
[michal] I'll be going...
[michal] I need to recover from shock :))
[Philb] bye michal
[Philb] This irc11 round - seems plain old imp spirals were 'it' and the more procs the better.
[metcalf] Yeah :-( Tricky to make a gate though. My oneshot hasn't got one.
[Philb] Time I tried coding something or sleeping...
* Philb waves
* metcalf waves to Philb
[Miz] code sleep and make world a better place
[metcalf] Right, it's getting to that stage where my eyes are only just open :-(
[willvarfa] calling it a night? cya john
[Hurkyl] nite!
[metcalf] It was an enjoyable round, thanks Lukasz.
* metcalf waves