18 May 2003 IRC Mini-Tournament #12

For this round you do battle against a hidden warrior taken as-is from the lower-half of the 94nop - Koenigstuhl top 100.

Send your entries/probes [maximum 5 attempts please] to mailto:corewar@pipeline.com?subject=irc12 using a subject of "irc12".

Tip: Deduce what class (or better) of warrior you're up against and tune an existing warrior against it.

The winner is whoever has had the highest score against the Grey Warrior after 30mins.
Prestige bonus for anyone identifying the Grey Warrior correctly and for the least submissions required.

After the round I suggest that entries go the to "odd - Koenigstuhl" rather than the "94nop - Koenigstuhl" so as not to unfairly penalize the Grey Warrior.