IRCT #13 - Limited-Process Multi-Warrior

This week, the tournament will be a multi-warrior battle taking place in a 2520 cell core. Imps are forbidden and there is a limit of 8 processes per warrior. 9 points will be awarded for a win, 2 points for a two way tie and just 1 point for a three way tie. If four or more warriors tie, then no points will be given! Up to 2 entries are allowed. The pMars command line to be used will be:

pmars -s 2520 -p 8 -c 25200 -l 30 -d 35 -= 9/(S*S) -r 2000 warrior1 warrior2 ... warriorN

Coresize:        2520               Optima mod1:        953, 1063
Max. processes:8Optima mod2:926, 1094
Max. cycles:25200Optima mod3:771, 1059
Max. length:30Optima mod4:748, 1132
Min. distance:35Optima mod5:935, 1105
Rounds:2000Optima mod6:534, 906
Points per win:9Optima mod7:931, 1099
Points per 2 way tie:2Optima mod8:976, 1136
Points per 3 way tie:1Optima mod9:963, 1107
Points otherwise:0Optima mod10:730, 1070

You have just 30 minutes to create you entries. Please email you warriors to - good luck ;-)