IRC Mini Tournament #14 - Sunday 01 June 2003

Christian Schmidt organise the 14th Mini Tournament, with a record 12 players participating. Action takes place in the 800 cell tiny core, with the sne, seq and cmp instructions prohibited. First place is claimed by John Metcalf, closely followed by Jakub Kozisek, both with oneshots. If either your browser or yourself doesn't like tables, the results are also available in results.txt. To download all of the compo warriors in one go, simply grab (13K).

#%W%L%TName AuthorScore%
159.127.413.5 Lone GunmanJohn Metcalf190.86100.0
259.027.413.6 1SH0TJakub Kozisek190.64 99.9
357.327.914.8 TinyLukePhilip Thorne186.70 97.8
453.325.821.0 Paper(Paper)Sascha Zapf180.77 94.7
552.425.222.4 Switch'emRoy van Rijn179.50 94.0
651.028.220.8 Paperback WriterLukasz Adamowski173.89 91.1
754.638.3 7.0 MuskratJohn Metcalf170.95 89.6
842.614.942.5 Tiny Stone-paperLukasz Grabun170.34 89.2
949.834.615.6 Tiny One-ShotPaul Khuong165.11 86.5
1039.620.839.6 LittleLukasz Grabun158.43 83.0
1140.534.624.9 OhhJakub Kozisek146.34 76.7
1238.733.527.8 FiFoPhilip Thorne143.93 75.4
1339.339.221.5 Little FreezeDavid Houston139.27 73.0
1430.523.945.5 HephaestusDavid Houston137.18 71.9
1540.051.2 8.8 Weak oneshotRoy van Rijn128.89 67.5
1641.154.2 4.8 Wake Up NeoFatalC127.98 67.1
1737.849.712.4 og ew ereHMiz125.95 66.0
1836.753.310.0 No SpoonFatalC120.14 62.9
1931.051.317.7 SaboVampireLukasz Adamowski110.75 58.0
2026.542.730.8 Onshot(Clear(Imp))Sascha Zapf110.27 57.8
2111.145.043.9 pfft@cmpPaul khuong 77.16 40.4
22 5.173.321.6 Triple GateLevi 36.98 19.4
23 8.583.3 8.2 Entry Level 0.0.1Levi 33.70 17.7

[adamow] Hi!
[grabun] Here he is!
[adamow] Who? ;]
[adamow] Lot of people today...
[metcalf] Ah, the reigning champion.
[adamow] I'm going to give my crown back today, I'm afraid.
[Fizmo] ok, now it starts
[grabun] Great, Tiny hill :-()
[grabun] No scanners
[grabun] Love it or hate it!
[adamow] Maybe JMZ scans?
[Mizcu] jmz/n is still allowed, so nothing will change much, i presume
[grabun] Let's rock this house!
[sascha] First on it's Way
[pkhuong] wow, i can write something :D
[Fizmo] Entries so far: 2x Philip Thorne, 2x John Metcalf, 1x David Houston, 1x Sascha Zapf, 1x Lukasz Adamowski
[Roy] I'm submitting a switcher (stone/paper) and a .66c oneshot
[sascha] I like 800er Core optimizing is possible even if there is only 1/2 hour!
[Hurkyl] lol
[Mizcu] darn, one unoptimalism in my code
[adamow] Damn, I'm a bit lazy today, haven't mood to code quickly
[Roy] I tested my oneshot, and saw it was rubbish, didn't change it :)
[Roy] I just wanted to show that a fast one (.66c) is easy without sne/seq/cmp
[sascha] Pah, not tested..While coding i haven't looked at my screen.
[Roy] add.f/jmz/djn/jmz ?
[jakub] adamow: entries bruteforced, tested and sent :)
[metcalf] add/add/jmz or add/jmn/jmz maybe
[pkhuong] add/jmn/jmz
[Roy] ow, I used one instruction too much...bleh!
[pkhuong] add/jmn/jmz/mov.x :)
[adamow] I haven't tried to write scan
[pkhuong] paper?
[adamow] I've sent paper and vampire
[Fizmo] Entries so far: 2x Philip Thorne, 2x John Metcalf, 2x David Houston, 2x Sascha Zapf, 2x Lukasz Adamowski, 2x Paul Khuong, 2x Levi, 2x Roy van Rijn, 2x Lukasz Grabun, 2x Jakub Kozisek, 1x Miz, 2x FatalC
[pkhuong] time to start betting ;)
[Mizcu] i think my odds are 15000 : 1 , anyone want to take a risk ?;)
[Roy] And as I'm still expecting oneshots a paper/stone could be nice ;-)
[metcalf] good luck everyone, especially you fizmo!
[sascha] I've Send QBomb/Paper and Onshot/Clear/Imp
[jakub] sascha: I'm scared :(
[pkhuong] Qbomb... argh :(
[sascha] What's wrong with QBomb?
[jakub] I've sent paper/3c oneshot/imp/q4
[Hurkyl] I just have a silly spl 0 / jmp -1 bomber + ssdd clear that never made it onto the sourceforge tiny hill, and a dat bomber + 3 point spiral =\
[Fizmo] WOW!!!
[Fizmo] just 0.01 pts between 1st and 2nd
[grabun] Results!
[grabun] Where, where?
[Roy] Fizmo is here to ruin the fun!
[jakub] gimme, gimme
[metcalf] closer than last week then!
[Fizmo] The results are now available
[adamow] ~Yes! My bet was correct!!! :]]]
[adamow] Congratulations, John
[jakub] ok, justice is there :)
[Roy] Grats Met!
[metcalf] thanks :-)
[adamow] And congratulations Jakub
[grabun] Congrats, John
[metcalf] Woohoo! F . I . V . E .
[Hurkyl] grats metcalf and jakub!
[pkhuong] wow.,.congrats john & jakub
[metcalf] Thanks :-) and congratulations, lots of people above 90%
[Philb] Well done John/Jakub. Darn a better 1shot.
[jakub] time to go, bye, bye
* grabun waves
* jakub waves
[Hurkyl] bye!
[metcalf] nice round, thanks Fizmo
* jakub is still waving :)
[Fizmo] ohh. Congratulation John
[metcalf] 12 players, a record!
[fatalC] time to go nite nite
* metcalf waves, just in time.
[Fizmo] ok. It's time for me to leave.
[sascha] Me too, the German fraction goes to sleep
* Philb waves and leaves too