IRC Mini Tournament #15 - Sunday 08 June 2003

Lukasz Grabun hosts the 15th weekly challenge. This time, we must battle against a white warrior in a standard 8000 cell core. The opponent is Skew Dwarf from Recycled Bits and the use of the spl instruction is banned. Altogether, 7 players entered, with John Metcalf's bomb dodger taking first place. Roy's scanner is next, which he later optimized to create AbusiveMind2 which would have scored 260.10. If either your browser or yourself doesn't like tables, the results are also available in results.txt. To download all of the compo warriors in one go, simply grab (7K).

#%W%L%TName AuthorScore%
183.816.20.0 Jammie DodgerJohn Metcalf251.40100.0
278.821.20.0 StrikerJohn Metcalf236.4094.0
376.523.10.4 AbusiveMindRoy van Rijn229.9091.4
472.127.90.0 BlackWill 'Varfar'216.3086.0
564.933.71.4 OoS strippedSascha196.1078.0
658.641.40.0 Grey WarriorHurkyl175.8069.9
753.446.60.0 Black WarriorHurkyl160.2063.7
851.248.60.2 Stone seekerSascha Zapf153.8061.2
950.449.60.0 BlackWill 'Varfar'151.2060.1
1042.853.43.8 miniStoneChristian Schmidt132.2052.6
1121.078.90.1 FAT15Philip Thorne63.1025.1

[grabun] You're gonna face white warrior
[sascha] No Rules...
[grabun] LOL
[grabun] Exact rules are here
[metcalf] Phew, I won't need to write a square root routine in 30 minutes then!
[grabun] p-space *is* allowed
[Roy] Bleh...250/600 :(
[metcalf] about 500/500 ;-)
[bvowk] Hi, I'm super late :/
[Mizcu] blah, 20w 80l, more development..
[grabun] 2 warriors as usual
[Mizcu] who would send two warriors in a white-warrior round?
[grabun] 18 minutes
* metcalf will send two!
[Roy] I think I got one good entry..
[Fizmo] got only 50% wins :(
[grabun] metcalf 1 fizmo 1 hurkyl 1 sascha 1
[Roy] 800/200 here :-D
[bvowk] (I *JUST* started the evolver, in 5 minutes I'll have something to submit at least :))
[grabun] lol
[Roy] Nice one ;-)
[Fizmo] I was working 20 minutes on a nice entry until I realised that it used a spl :-(
[Roy] I changed one little thing and my scores went from 20% win to about 75/80% wins :D
[grabun] ok, time closed
[sascha] Oh, white warriors are not one of my specials
[Hurkyl] Bah, figured out another tweak to get more points =\
[Roy] I entered a scanner with doesn't scan the bombs and finds the decoy then bombs that place+2720
[willvarfa] bomb follower
[Philb] Hopefully someone entered a dodger.
[willvarfa] Philb: my dodger didn't do as well as the follower, but I tried
[Hurkyl] I scanned along the reverse of the bomber's path, I *think* it ignores the bombs, and it hits the bomber first
[metcalf] I have 1) simple bomb-dodger, and 2) simple back-tracker.
[Roy] The DJN line is BIG, you can scan for it easily, then add it to a dat with 2720...its effective
[Hurkyl] Well, I was scanned with: sne ptr, ptr - 2723
[metcalf] Hmmm... I should have done that :-/
[metcalf] :-( I'm starting to think of some better ideas now :-(
[sascha] I think next White Warrior round i'll spend more time to analyze the white one ;-)
[Fizmo] My first idea was a 1 process hopper containing a stone, but I realized too late that I used a spl
[metcalf] Oh!
[Hurkyl] Hrm, my second warrior got mangled =\
[metcalf] Congrats Roy, Will. ~75% wins pretty good.
[Fizmo] congrats
[bvowk] I don't think I would have rated looking at the scores :)
[metcalf] A nice round Lukasz, thanks.
[grabun] You're welcome
[Hurkyl] Yah, thanks.
[sascha] Yes nice Round
* grabun waves
[grabun] Good night