IRC Mini Tournament #18 - Sunday 29 June 2003

Phil Thorne challenges us to battle two warriors of his choosing in a multi-warrior core. One warrior is known to be Impfinity v4g1 while the other is known to be between ranks 100 and 200 on the Koenigstuhl '94nop hill. See Phil's original rules for full details. Will Varfar correctly identified the unknown warrior as airBag.

#Name AuthorScore%
1More Anti-Imp Paper?Roy van Rijn872100.0
2Something...anti-imp?Roy van Rijn 85097.5
3hawk 82John Metcalf 82694.7
4simple paperJohn Metcalf77689.0
5Last change... :-ORoy van Rijn77088.3
6DawnRoy van Rijn74885.8
7Macabre Silhouette John Metcalf65875.5
8follow the white rabbitFatalC 58667.2
9SoloRoy van Rijn53461.2
10Herbal Avenger Lukasz Adamowski (MJ)52460.0
11 UnKNOWnLukasz Adamowski 49056.2
12MischiefJohn Metcalf380 43.6
13entry-4445Will Varfar360 41.3
14Z-Shot John Metcalf35640.8
15That's sillyLukasz Adamowski 30234.6
16Agent SmithFatalC26430.3
17 Imp SpiralLukasz Adamowski 26029.8
18VampireLukasz Adamowski212 24.3
19Agent SmithFatalC101.1
20 dat00Will Varfar (Anon)0 0.0