IRC Mini-Tournament Round #18 Results
1Roy van RijnMore Anti-Imp Paper? 3.49100
2John Metcalfhawk 82 3.30 94
3FatalCfollow the white rabbit 2.34 67
4Lukasz AdamowskiHerbal Avenger (MJ) 2.10 60
5Will Varfarentry-4445 (Evolved) 1.44 41

Congratulations Roy.

The Grey Warrior was airBag by Paulsson

Deduced by Will Varfa after a single submission. [you'll kick yourselves when you see how!].

The probes/entries were received in the following order:
dat00 by Will Varfar (Anonymous) scores 0
That's silly by Lukasz Adamowski scores 302
Imp Spiral by Lukasz Adamowski scores 260
Vampire by Lukasz Adamowski scores 212
entry-4445 by Will Varfar scores 360
Solo by Roy van Rijn scores 534
Something...anti-imp? by Roy van Rijn scores 850
More Anti-Imp Paper? by Roy van Rijn scores 872
Dawn by Roy van Rijn scores 748
Last change... :-O by Roy van Rijn scores 770
UnKNOWn by Lukasz Adamowski scores 490
Herbal Avenger by Lukasz Adamowski (Michal Janeczek) scores 524
Agent Smith by FatalC scores 10
Agent Smith by FatalC scores 264
follow the white rabbit by FatalC scores 586
hawk 82 by John Metcalf scores 826
simple paper by John Metcalf scores 776
Z-Shot by John Metcalf scores 356
Macabre Silhouette by John Metcalf scores 658
Mischief by John Metcalf scores 380