IRC Mini Tournament #21 - Sunday 27 July 2003

This week Christian Schmidt organises the tournament, inviting us to each create a component for a p-switcher. results are also available in results.txt.

#%W%L%TName AuthorScore%
1483319 Hurkyl/MichalHurkyl/Michal163.0100.0
2343730 Philb/ColgancPhilb/Colganc130.580.1
3294129 Adam/MizcuAdam/Mizcu117.371.9

[Fizmo] Either Michal or Fizmo will host todays tournament
[Fizmo] I would do a fun-round like Adamowski's one
[michal] yup, and I would shorten your life a bit :)
[Fizmo>] Ok, Michal you have a coin? I go for toss :)
[Mizcu] let them create programs and winner gets to host
[michal] that wouldn't be fair for Fizmo ;)
[adamow] LOL :]]]
[Philb] Maybe the round can be Michal & Fizmo write competing warriors [same class of warrior] and we the spectators get to bet on the winner.
[michal] hehe, you won
[Fizmo] You are playing in teams of two player and must create a p-warrior under 94draft rules. The p-switcher will be inserted by me
[Fizmo] So, you don't know who is playing together and don't know what your teammate sends for the p-warrior
[Fizmo] My wife will choose the teams :>