IRC Mini Tournament #25 - Sunday 24 August 2003

"Capture The Flag"

This is robin-round tournament without self-fighting. There are three warriors in the core: two opponents and "The Flag". "The Flag" looks like this:

flag	djn	#0,	#0

It's suicidal and dies after CORESIZE cycles. Your mission, soldiers, is make sure it will not happen. But you also have to kill your enemy. So the scoring rules are:

The rest of the rules are standard: -s 8000 -c 80000 -p 8000 -l 100 -d 100. 100 fights will be executed for each pair of warriors, not rounds, because I have to count each fight separately, there is no simple rule to put into pMARS that allows to count scores in this kind of fights. So P-space also will be useless. '94 instructions set obliges and every player can sent two entries.

Good luck to all of you!


Player WarriorThe CapturerDirty Spl Clear The Dirty Spl BomberspoilerSheesh.. scorescore [%]place
Lukasz AdamowskiThe Capturer 1007510049324 81.43rd
Christian Schmidt Dirty Spl Clear100 73909736090.52nd
Christian SchmidtThe Dirty Spl Bomber 9373945931980.2 4th
David Houstonspoiler 1008194123398100.0 1st
MizSheesh.. 49674139196 49.25th