Iron Gate is a stun bombing scanner which entered the Intel 88 hill in January 1993 and survived 1089 challenges before being pushed off in April. Iron Gate was replaced by Iron Gate v1.01 which left the hill age 603+ in June. On Pizza's 94 draft hill Iron Gate 1.5 reached age 926 while Iron Gate survived to age 418+ on the 88 hill.

;name Iron Gate
;author Wayne Sheppard
;strategy CMPscanner

dist equ 98 ;must be a multiple of two
scan equ dist*2

a add d,@x
c cmp a+dist,a
  slt #20,@x
  djn a,<7000
  mov j,@c
x mov s,<c
  sub n,@x
  jmn c,a
s spl 0,<1-dist
  mov 2,<-3
j jmp -1
n dat <0-dist,<0-dist-1
d dat <scan,<scan