CoreOps is a newsletter published by inversed. CoreOps issue 1 is the latest issue.

Redcode Talk - is a newsletter promoting the game of Corewar. Redcode Talk 4 is the most recent issue.

Core Explorer - the Corewar ezine dedicated to beginners, available in either English or Russian. Core Explorer 2 is the latest issue.

nanoWarrior is a newsletter reporting the latest activity on the nano hill. The most recent issue is nanoWarrior 3.

Tinywarrior reports the latest news on SAL's tiny hill. The latest issue is Tinywarrior 4.

CoreWarrior - the longest running Corewar journal, first published in Oct 1995. Take a look at the latest issue, CoreWarrior 92.

Steve's Guide for Beginners - Steve Bailey's serialised guide for beginners, from 1996. (28K) contains all 13 issues.

The '94 Warrior - Brant D. Thomsen's newsletter covering the period Feb 1994 to Nov 1994. (81K) contains all 14 issues.

Push Off - Paul Kline's commentary on Corewar spanning from Mar 1993 to Feb 1994. Classic moments in history are captured - the death of Sphinx, the rise and fall of vamp/imps and much more. (116K) contains all 28 issues.

The Core War Newsletter was the official newsletter of the ICWS, published between March 1987 and Fall 1994.