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Core War is a game played by two or more programs (and vicariously by their authors) written in an assembly language called Redcode and run in a virtual computer called MARS (for Memory Array Redcode Simulator). The object of the game is to cause all processes of the opposing program to terminate, leaving your program in sole posession of the machine.

There are Core War systems available for most computer platforms. Redcode has been standardized by the ICWS, and is therefore transportable between all standard Core War systems. FAQ

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The Core War Imp Ring

Windows NT/95/98 Core War Programs and Utilities

CoreWar Tournament v1.0

CoreWar Tournament is a CoreWars utility for Windows NT/95/98 that runs a round-robin (all warriors fighting each other) tournament involving two, three or four warriors per fight. A rank listing is produced at the end of the tournament based on each warrior's total score. You will also need the pmars program, available at

TestWarrior v1.3

A warrior benchmarking program for Windows NT/95/98. You will also need the pmars program, available at


A pmars with graphical display for anyone having trouble getting an NT/95 version to run. As well as an executable, the zip contains a font file which needs to reside either in the directory from where the program is run or the directory specified by the GRXFONT environment variable.


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