Kosmos is a paper which alternates between two satellites: a stone and an imp launcher with spiral forming steps. Kosmos entered the KOTH.org 94nop hill on 30th July 2018 and survived 25 challenges before being pushed off on 3rd February 2019.

;name Kosmos
;author John Metcalf
;strategy double satellite
;assert CORESIZE==8000

        org qscan

        step   equ 644
        dist   equ launch+4680

warr    spl    1,          satel
        spl    1,          <4000

        mov    >warr,      }boot
        mov    >warr,      >boot

paper   spl    step
        mov    >paper,     }paper
        mov    <launch,    {launch
launch  djn.f  step*2+dist,*dist

boot    dat    dist-4,     dist+step-4

satel   spl    #4000,      <-2
        mov    1,          <1
        mov    <0,         <3703
        djn.f  satel,      <satel-2

        istep  equ 2667

sat2    spl    #istep+2,   1
        spl    istep+1,    <4000
        mov    >sat2,      }sat2
imp     mov.i  #istep,     *0

        for 53
        dat 0,0

        qfac   equ 1861
        qdec   equ 1742

        qa     equ (qfac*(qtab0-1-qptr)+1)
        qb     equ (qfac*(qtab0-qptr)+1)
        qc     equ (qfac*(qtab1-1-qptr)+1)
        qd     equ (qfac*(qtab1-qptr)+1)
        qe     equ (qfac*(qtab1+1-qptr)+1)
        qf     equ (qfac*(qtab2-qptr)+1)

        qtime  equ 18
        qstep  equ -7
        qgap   equ 87

qdecode mul.b  *q1,          qptr
q0      sne    <qtab0,       @qptr
q1      add.b  qtab1,        qptr
q2      mov    qtab2,        @qptr
qptr    mov    qtab2,        *qdec
        add    #qstep,       qptr
        djn    q2,           #qtime
        jmp    warr,         qc
qtab1   dat    4000,         qd
        dat    4000,         qe

qscan   sne    qptr+qdec*qe, qptr+qdec*qe+qe
        seq    <qtab1+1,     qptr+qdec*(qe-1)+qe-1
        jmp    qdecode,      }q1
        sne    qptr+qdec*qb, qptr+qdec*qb+qd
        seq    <qtab0,       qptr+qdec*(qb-1)+qd
        jmp    qdecode,      {qdecode
        sne    qptr+qdec*qa, qptr+qdec*qa+qd
        seq    <qtab0-1,     qptr+qdec*(qa-1)+qd
        djn.a  qdecode,      {qdecode
        sne    qptr+qdec*qf, qptr+qdec*qf+qd
        seq    <qtab2,       qptr+qdec*(qf-1)+qd
        jmp    qdecode,      }qdecode
        sne    qptr+qdec*qc, qptr+qdec*qc+qc
        seq    <qtab1-1,     qptr+qdec*(qc-1)+qc-1
        jmp    qdecode,      {q1
        sne    qptr+qdec*qd, qptr+qdec*qd+qd
        seq    <qtab1,       qptr+qdec*(qd-1)+qd-1
        jmp    qdecode,      <qa
qtab0   jmp    warr,         <qb
qtab2   dat    qgap,         qf