La Bomba entered Pizza's 94 hill on 15th November 1995 and survived to age 650 before being pushed off on 10th February 1996. La Bomba was published in Core Warrior issue 9.

;name La Bomba
;author Beppe Bezzi
;assert CORESIZE == 8000

org     start
qstep   equ     5
qrounds equ     7
bigst   equ     99

qst     equ     qstart -(4*bigst)
qstart  equ     start+145

dest0   equ     2200
dest1   equ     3740
dest2   equ     -1278
range   equ     933

s1 for 5
	sne.x   qst+4*bigst*s1, qst+4*bigst*s1+bigst*1  ;check two locations
	seq.x   qst+4*bigst*s1+bigst*2, qst+4*bigst*s1+bigst*3
	mov.ab  #qst+4*bigst*s1-found, found  ;they differ so set pointer
	jmn  which,   found
s2 for 5
	sne.x   qst+4*bigst*(s2+5), qst+4*bigst*(s2+5)+bigst*1
	seq.x   qst+4*bigst*(s2+5)+bigst*2, qst+4*bigst*(s2+5)+bigst*3
	mov.ab  #qst+4*bigst*(s2+5)-found, found
	jmn  which,   found
s3 for 5
	sne.x   qst+4*bigst*(s3+10), qst+4*bigst*(s3+10)+bigst*1
	seq.x   qst+4*bigst*(s3+10)+bigst*2, qst+4*bigst*(s3+10)+bigst*3
	mov.ab  #qst+4*bigst*(s3+10)-found, found
	jmn.b   which,  found
s4 for 5
	sne.x   qst+4*bigst*(s4+15), qst+4*bigst*(s4+15)+bigst*1
	seq.x   qst+4*bigst*(s4+15)+bigst*2, qst+4*bigst*(s4+15)+bigst*3
	mov.ab  #qst+4*bigst*(s4+15)-found, found
	jmn.b   which,  found

found   jmz.b   warr,   #0        ;skip attack if qscan found nothing
	add     #bigst, -1        ;increment pointer till we get the
which   jmz.f   -1,     @found    ;right place
qattack                           ;found.b points target
	mov     bomba,  @found    ;in case small and dangerous
for 0
        After decoding enemy position it checks the location found+32 and, if it
        proves not to be empty, shifts 30 cells the bombing zone to the right
        This added near 5 points to my score
rof  found,  qstone
	add.b   found,  qstone
	seq     *qstone,-100
	add.f   shift,  qstone

qst1    mov     qbomb,   *qstone       ;Tornado bombing engine the faster way
	mov     qbomb,   @qstone       ;to fill your enemy with hot lead
qstone  mov     32,     *32-qstep
	sub.f   qincr,   qstone
	djn.b   qst1,   #qrounds

warr                                    ;Paper01 the hint warrior
paper   spl     1,      <300
	spl     1,      <400
	spl     1,      <500
silk    spl     @0,     {dest0
	mov.i   }-1,    >-1
silk1   spl     @0,     <dest1
	mov.i   }-1,    >-1
	mov.i   bomba,  }range
	mov     {silk1, <silk2
silk2   jmp     @0,     >dest2
bomba   dat     <2667,  <1
qbomb   dat     #-qstep, #-qstep
qincr   dat     #3*qstep,#3*qstep
shift   dat     #30,    #30
	dat     0,0

for 9
	dat     1,1